Flower addiction

This year Spring is late and all the flowers outside are not brave enough to peep outside their buds and show all their beauty. Maybe this is a great reason to start making flowers every day and for every holiday.  On the other hand, flowers, like a symbol of the natural beauty, are always the best way to say “thank you” or “love you”, or many, many other warm words. The other reason is very simple… I just love flowers. And if someone I love makes me a present with a cut flower bouquet, I am sad, because few days later the flowers will die. I prefer flowers in the pots or craft flowers from fabric or paper.

So, if you have someone to whom you want to say “I love you”, “I miss you”, “Thank you” or “Congratulations!”, it is very easy to them a make greeting card. And because you love Nature too, it would be very kind of you to care more about Her by making it from recycled paper.

As I said before, your home is full of amazing materials, you just need to recognize them.

First collect all the paper and choose the colours you will use.

After that you have to make some flowers. On the photo below you can see the process all the way from a traditional cutting shape to creation of a beautiful, but very easy to make big paper flower.

And this is the easiest way to make a real looking, small sakura flower. First, use a needle to make a not deep pressure line in every leaf…

… and after that just press every leaf with your fingers, to make the shape.

When you finish making the small sakura flowers, glue them with hot silicone glue onto paper wire branches either with or without bud.

Do not use too much silicone – one small drop is enough, but the silicone must be hot when you glue the flowers. If it is not, the flowers will be not properly fixed on the branches.


After that you can make the main part of the greeting card by using some of your favourite embossing folders.

Your greeting card will be more attractive if you make some different layers from different coloured pieces of paper.

Because any writing or symbols on the recycled paper will be on the back and invisible, everyone will be jealous of where you found these wonderful craft colours and how much you must have paid for it.

The next step is to fix the branches. I think the best way to do this is to use hot silicone again and to put the branches under the corners of the top cardboard layer.

If you do this, your greeting card will be not too “fat” and will be more elegant.

What more? Clean off all the silicone moustaches and your greeting card is ready to say, “Love you!”.

What you need: recycled paper and cardboard packages, hot silicone gun and silicone glue, scissors, needle, paper wire branches with buds or only paper wire, some stamens from the craft shop;

How long: around 1-2 hours.



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