Easy DIY envelope template

As a paper crafter and also as a card crafter, I have been struggling for many years to find the best way to DIY easy envelopes for my greeting cards. The card format I usually work with is the most traditional – A6. And because my cards are always layered, which makes them thicker, I… Continue reading

Small urban home jungle hanging plant

I am one of the biggest supporters of the small urban home jungle movement.  I don’t understand why people want big houses. They need so much to maintain and to worry about and the bills for electricity or heating are “eating” money from “travel and pleasure” budgets. Especially in times of crisis. Also, in some very… Continue reading

Easy Marigold Paper Flower

Another paper Marigold? Why not! They are beautiful and lovely decorations for many different occasions. The project I am offering you today is easy, it can be used in scrapbook projects or greeting cards, for gift wrapping or as a single decoration. It is really so easy to make this marigold flower. I made it… Continue reading

Sugar scrapbooking

Have you ever heard of “sugar scrapbooking”. Maybe I created this name and maybe I didn’t, but the principles I will be showing you in this and the next few articles suit this name 100%. “Sugar” because these decorations are made with so-called “sugar paper” which is wafer and fondant paper. And “scrapbooking” because I… Continue reading

Paper Angel Christmas decoration

Although angels are around us all the time, Christmas is a good time to remember them and to make them a part of our decoration and gifts as a reminder to be good, helping and loving people… Today I am sharing a project I have been postponing for weeks. Most of us believe angels are… Continue reading

Crepe paper Peony headpiece

This text was inspired by a lady who bought my coffee filter Peony hairclip tutorial. She asked me if it is possible to create a crepe paper Peony the same way and with the same purpose. My answer was: of course it is possible, but there are some difference because of the different type of… Continue reading

Hug for Kids

Ok, I admit, “Hug for kids” is a bit of a twisted title, but it absolutely encapsulates the main idea of my article, and also, the main idea of the producers of this Kid’s organic Lotion. Unfortunately on their site you can’t see the paper box, which I believe they should fix. When I first… Continue reading

How to make your own Cricut files

Drawing the printable templates for my flower lessons, I asked myself: Ok, what if you make them Cricut files? Also, a client of mine somehow pushed me to think in this direction. Buying my tutorial, she asked is it possible to make SVG or PNG files. Adding the printable templates I was curious why she… Continue reading

Easy July 4th craft idea

This July 4th craft idea is useful for hand cutting, for hand cutting machines or plotters. This craft idea is about flowers. Why flowers? Because they work everywhere – they are the perfect gift and decoration. And only by changing the colours – you can change their meaning too. Gentle spring colours will be great… Continue reading

DIY crepe paper Peony

There is something about Peonies that attracts almost every woman. Maybe this is the specific messiness of the flower or maybe the huge variety of shapes and colour shades. Or could it be a reminder of a better time, a desire to return to the past in a beloved Granny’s garden in the past and… Continue reading