About Me

Hello, my name is Vihra

Since I was a very little girl I have loved to paint and create. My parents were both artists, but my strong love for paper was built especially by my Grandfather, who always gave me presents of the best notebooks, paints, brushes and organizers which it was possible to find.

Sofia, (Bulgaria, Europe) where I grew up, is an apartment building city, however we were lucky to have a big home with two large terraces always full of flowers, where all the family spent the biggest part of the warm seasons – evenings and mornings, having nice conversations, reading, painting, dining…

When I started living away from my parents, I took to my new home two very important things – the tradition of making Christmas cookies and the habit of growing flowers – my Grandmothers Geraniums and flower pots with lots of spices.

My biggest “material” dream…

… always was to have a house with garden. My husband, Clem, is Australian and we are travelling a lot because of his job, living between Europe and Australia. And I am always excited how easily everything is growing and flowering in Australia.

About 2 years ago Clem and I decided to move back to Australia. This means starting a new life from almost nothing – to find our own house and to create from zero the garden of my dreams. I am very excited and can’t wait. But I also know – we have a lot of work to do before our dream can come true.


… everyday life needs its everyday steps. Travelling over the oceans every two months, enjoying winter in the middle of summer and summer in the middle of winter, working hard and collecting ideas. Sometimes when I wake up, I am not sure which bedroom I am in or even which continent! But all these small “bugs” are ok, when you share your life’s dream with the person you love.