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Meet Bob the Bacteria!

On the cover you see one of the drawings I made for my son, trying to explain a difficult biology lesson. While working from home, I had a lot of time with him, solving problems with maths, literature and biology. And believe me or not, I am very thankful for these precious moments. They are my best memories from my first “work from home” years.


Work from home PDF book

A book about the important steps you need to complete before making serious changes. And how to leave the job you hate and start to work from home and for yourself.

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Why this book?

All the books I’ve read about how to leave the job you hate and start working from home and for yourself were written by “Western” authors. Men and women living in a free society, with no background of major political change, without the burden of generations and generations, grown scared with no feeling of security. Most of these authors are Americans. There’s nothing bad about Americans or other representatives of the “Western” world, but they grew up in Democracy. With all its pluses and minuses, still a democracy. With some unfair social games, but a democracy. On the contrary, I grew up in a socialist country with absolutely no idea about political democracy in the first 20 years of my life. The only “democracy” my friends and I knew about was the democracy of Ancient Greece which we’d studied. Can you imagine? Long before Christ… Try to have a chat with your boss about human rights and especially about women’s human rights at work. A pregnant woman or a mother’s human rights? Even though your boss is a woman. Huh! Good luck!

So, if you think it is difficult to change your life for better, ask me. It is not.

If I did it, you can too.

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