A Light Exists in Spring

or Flowers for Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is amazing, even though always a little bit sad. But maybe exactly this undertone makes me love her poems so much.

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee.
And revery.
The revery alone will do.
If bees are few.

And because Spring is still not coming in my European home and the autumn is already here in my Australian home, I really feel this bitter-sweet taste of being between two worlds, pleasantly lost in my thoughts, dreaming and creating my own spring flower after flower.

Did you know that Emily Dickinson studied botany? Before yesterday I did not.

So… what do you need to create Spring? In this weather when the clover is wet and cold and the bees are still sleeping?

How to create a paper flowers crown

First you need some paper. Good thick and heavy watercolour paper with high quality, to be sure your creations will last a lifetime even after many years the white will be a romantic sepia colour.

Use a paper punch to create small flowers. After that make simple stamens using metal wire and glass beads.

String the paper flowers on the stamens.

To create a good looking flower bouquet or a wreath, you need not less than 50 flowers like these.

Use green paper tape to make the green stalk.

Just roll the paper tape around the wire and the stalk will be ready. For this exactly flower, you need the stalk to be thicker.

When you make 5 flowers like this one, cut a bigger flower shape from the same watercolour paper.

String all the five flowers on the paper shape and curl the leaf’s shape with a small round stick or by using the scissors. Fix to the stalk and finish with paper tape.

Make more flowers with different colours. So, I did that by colouring the watercolour paper with acrylic paint.

And start twisting the flowers and fixing the connecting area with green paper tape.

Using this technique you can make different looking flowers, bouquets and wreaths.

And finally – you can have your paper flowers crown!

Craft information

Materials: good quality watercolour paper, acrylic pain, brush, green paper tape, thin metal wire, glass beads, small scissors, paper flower punch;

Time: for the bigger flower – around 30 minutes, for the whole wreath – around 6 hours or more.

If you want to see more paper flower crowns, please check this: Dreaming Frida

More flower crafts – in my SHOP



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