2018 planner cover page

It is time to make my 2018 planner cover page.

If you ask me, there are three big groups of people in the planners’ society. The first group just want to be sure that everything will be planned, scheduled and done within the proper timeframe. They don’t care about colours, shapes, pictures and cute doodles… Purple or red ink is their (maybe) biggest extravagance.

The second group are the people who love to draw, can draw very well and their planners and trackers are full off incredible original decorations.

The third group – the biggest one I think – are the people who love any decorations and are happy to put them in the pages of their planners. Some of these people can’t draw, but would be very happy if they could create their own drawings.

So, for these third group, I am sharing this very easy and simple idea of how to make a 2018 New Year cover for the new part of their planners.

This is how…

First, if your notebook is only with rows, but not with squares, draw a simple network of horizontal and vertical lines in pencil – this will make writing the numbers easier.

Second, draw the numbers.

Third, outline the numbers with a fine marker.

Erase the pencil network you made first.

Draw with pencil some simple (or not very simple decorations)

Colour with watercolour pencils.

This is the time to tell you, that using watercolour pencils is my favourite drawing technique. They can work very well without a lot of water and give me the opportunity to make very small details.

Spray the picture with clean water.

2018 planner cover

To help the paper dry, you can either iron it or just put it between two clean pieces of white paper under heavy books.

2018 watercolour planner cover

After 20-30 minutes your cover decoration will be dry and you can cut it out.

2018 planner cover page

Glue your decoration wherever you want and enjoy your New Year 2018!

2018 planner cover

Materials: thick white paper, watercolour pencils, water spray bottle

Time to make: about an hour.

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