autumn candle holder

Autumn candle holder

autumn candle holder

Autumn candle holder in March? Why?

It must be spring now in Europe – 19th of March, but if you look through your window, you will see late autumn or early winter. The colours are grey, brown, and white and the smell of the air is cold and wet. For the next three weeks we are stuck here, missing the warmth of the other part of the World.

 I am not surprised I have this “autumn” feeling and need more fire in our European home decoration. Dreaming about warm colours. Don’t get me wrong – I like autumn. But all this European rain makes me feel a bit like a leaf in a puddle. I am dreaming about our Australian home, about the golden warm autumn. Missing the bright yellow, orange and red trees in the streets with an unbelievable blue sky for a background. And I don’t know why they always remind me about the autumn in Frankfurt, Germany or the winter in Santiago, Chile. Associations, associations… my head is full of them.

street in Santiago de Chile - inspiration for my autumn candle holder

So this Autumn candle holder is for everyone who wants a little bit of a golden light in their life. It ignites my dreams about dust powder on the window glass, shining like glitter in the afternoon sunlight. Dreams about coloured leaves, the freshness of clean air and clean light.

autumn candle holder

Of course, you can make this candle holder with any paper shapes you want – flowers, butterflies, birds, leaves… It is not necessary to go “autumn”. I am only sharing my mood with you.

The idea is very easy

You need a water glass or a not very deep transparent glass jar (this one is a Nutella jar), small paper punch and transparent glue. The non-toxic Elmer’s Washable Clear Glue will be very useful for this project. If one day you decide you don’t want to use this candle holder anymore, you just can wash the decoration off and will have a clean glass or a jar again.

First step

First make some small elements with your paper punch

autumn candle holder

For cutting leaves my favourite method is to recycle old packaging or magazine pages. Very often this produces very interesting colours of the leaves by happenstance.

autumn candle hjolder

The only other thing is just to glue the small leaves to the glass – outside, not inside. Actually, you can give this “work” to your kids. And I am sure they will be happy!

So, it is a very easy way to bring some more mood in your home. You decide – spring or autumn. Just enjoy the process!

autumn candle holder

If you want more ideas about how to recycle the paper in your home, look at this article: Paper spring – floral greeting card from recycled paper



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