Little girl’s party paper flower crown

“How to make а fast, easy and inexpensive floral crown for my little girl’s party?”.

Maybe at least once in her life every mother has asked herself this question. And not only to be easy, fast and inexpensive, but also to look good and not cheap.

Easy to make girl's flower crown

Paper is a material about which many people are suspicious. But it is not only for magazines or newspapers, books and notebooks. I have friends, who make great boxes and drawers from… paper! By twisting slim paper canes and gluing them together. Their creations are stable and strong and work very well as a storage spaces in their homes without falling apart.

I was absolutely fascinated, when I found out that the Japanese samurai warriors were using paper to create their suits of armour. Not because they didn’t have enough other durable materials, but because they realized how strong the paper can be. And their armour was life saving!

So, what will you say about paper flower crown, with very simple flowers? Maybe it will not be life saving, but it will definitely be party saving. And imagine, you can make a bunch of flower tiaras and to add them to the party invitations for your girl’s birthday or any other party.

And there is more! You can make for your little girl an entire flower crown collection for every dress and every mood. You can make them together or teach the little Princess how to make it by herself. This will also teach her to care about her crowns and store them properly.

The important material

First you need paper. Good quality paper! Not too thick, but not thin either, resilient, coloured – because we are looking to shorten the creation process. The best choice are paper packs which have 5 or more colours in one pack. It is better for the paper to be more than 200 gsm, because it will be possible difficult to cut your flowers otherwise.

The other tools and materials needed are coloured markers, scissors, transparent glue with no smell, hot silicone glue gun and a tiara base, which is covered by satin or other textile. The textile will make a good connection between the paper and the flowers and the crown will not fall apart in the first light breeze.

Easy to make girl's flower crown

Making the flowers for the girl’s crown

Cut small flowers with different shapes. If you are the happy owner of a Sizzix Big shot machine , lucky you! Use it! As I am always saying, this is the best, best, best instrument I ever bought. I have two Big shots – one in Europe, one in our home in Australia and they never let me down.

Easy to make girl's flower crown

If you are not a Big shot owner, just be brave and cut the flowers by hand. Either way you need not less than 18 (6 x 3 levels) flowers with different colours and not less than 6 small ones. The more single flowers – the richer your flower crown will be.

Actually, here is a tip! If you are cutting the flowers by hand, make fewer flowers and more leaves. Believe me with all your love and attention the leafy crown will be very pretty too!

Easy to make girl's flower crown

When you have made all the flowers and leaves, use the markers to draw some stamens on the petals. Maybe they will be invisible when you put the flower together, but it will have add extra shades and look better.

Easy to make girl's flower crown

A very important rule

And here is my favourite part – why the paper has to be good quality.

To not have only simple flat flowers, you need to shape them. And everyone can do this – on a simple kitchen sponge and with a very smooth round pencil or crochet hook bottom. But the wiper must be 100% dry! If not, it is possible for your flowers to be destroyed. Don’t forget the most important rule in this case: If you are shaping by massaging the paper, the paper and the base must be absolutely dry! If you are shaping by pressing, the paper must be a little bit wet.

So, massage the flowers in the middle. Don’t press too hard! My paper was very good quality, so I used the bottom of a marker to shape my flowers.

Easy to make girl's flower crown

When the flowers are shaped, organize them, because it is possible in the end to have flowers with no enough elements.

Easy to make girl's flower crown

Glue the different levels in the middle, holding them using a pencil or a marker. The instrument must be flat, to press better all the glued area.

Easy to make girl's flower crown

The final steps

When all the flowers are put together, make a mark on the tiara base where you will start gluing them. Don’t forget – if you want your flowers to stick really well, the silicone must be not only warm and liquid, must be very, very hot! It not, the connection between the parts will be not very strong.

Be careful! I think this part of creating the flower crown is for you, not for your little daughter!

Easy to make girl's flower crown

And in the end, if you still have some flowers, why don’t make a flower comb or a brooch for yourself.

Easy to make girl's flower crown


Easy to make girl's flower crown

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