2019 journal attachments

My 2019 journal attachments

The early morning of the first day of January is my favourite moment of the whole year. Something new was just born, the new page of my life has just opened. The streets are empty, all the people are sleeping after their big parties last night. And the Universe is listening only to my voice.

2019 journal attachments

Actually, I am not so sure about the Universe listening, but all the other things I really love. Especially the feeling of a blank new page. On one hand, every new year I would be happy to start a new journal. But on the other, the first of January isn’t really a pure blank page. We are coming to this new day with all our old thoughts, deals, mistakes and successes, with all the loves and tears. So, symbolically, why not keep the same old journal – also as a reminder of what we have done and what to do or not to do in the next 12 months.

Starting the first day of the new year and thinking about my coals and ideas, I had a crystal clear vision what to change.


Having a small craft business, working as an editor and writing two blogs in two different languages, I was pretty much tempted to multitask. I felt I had to. Very big mistake! All my dead lines were periods of crazy nervous work and stress.


The other people’s journals and planning patterns doesn’t necessarily work for my journal organization. And for my brain too. I love all the beautiful tables and decorations, doodles and cute icons for all the tasks! But they only distract me from the big target. So, I decided to keep them separate and start an art journal or – maybe – to keep this passion for decoration for our Family Travel Journal.


As a worker with few different “battlefields”, I am very attracted of making looong lists with tasks for each day. These jobs need to be done, don’t they? This time I decided to have only one big “work” target for the day and only one big “home” target for the day.  And to keep a list with 3 small tasks, which will take me less than 30 minutes each – you know: “Wash the dishes, girl!”, “Hand the washing”, “Make this stamp design”, “Call the printing house”…

So, I made these new attachments to my old journal – to keep myself close to my projects.

They are very simple – I cut two pieces of 180 gram paper and fold the upper sides to make them easier to glue.

The left one I decided to make for each month – a calendar and the rules for the month.

2019 journal attachments

On the back side will be my goals for the month. So, when I first open the page of the week I can see see exactly where I am and after that, make plans for the next day or hours to see what my targets are for this month and to stay stick with them. (Of course, I will still keep the “Ideas page”).

2019 journal attachments

The right attachment is for my main goals for 2019. You will not see them written here, because some of them are very personal, but the principle is the same – to open the page and immediately see what needs to be done. It is stuck on the last page of my journal – to be easy to show over every month’s page and to cover the unused pages.

2019 journal attachments

I hope this small idea will help you to keep in touch with all your plans and goals. In our very busy lives, to choose exactly what to do determines our success.

So, know your goals and be successful! I am wishing for a very organized year full of great experience ♥

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