Love is easy – hand drawn muffin toppers

Millions of people are asking themselves every day “What present can I give for her/his birthday”? Millions of people are running around every day to buy someone a present. Someone who already has a lot of stuff probably doesn’t actually want presents, they more likely just want to spend some time with you. To talk, to laugh or just to sit with you quietly and enjoy your presence.

hand drawn paper muffin toppers

The time we can spend with our loved ones is the most precious present we can give them. With the proper circumstances and hard work, or education, or with a splash of a good luck, we can achieve almost everything we can dream about. The only thing which human beings still can’t reach is to turn the clock back to regain lost time. Time is time. Time is flying. Time is the most important, the most precious and the most neglected thing in our world. So, to gift someone your time is actually the most precious present in this Universe.

I know this is not easy. There is never enough time for anyone. There are so many tasks we have to complete every day and so many unplanned and unexpected actions we have to do. Starting from the simplest act of making our bed in the morning and finishing with the more important tasks which will put bread on our table.

The philosophical part

Time is the most precious and disappearing resource in our lives. So, to give someone your time is the most precious gift. Your kids and grandkids will always remember the moments when you were sitting with them reading books together, playing together, drawing together. I remember doing things with my Dad. My son sometimes reminds me about crafting things we were doing together. Some of them I don’t remember, but he does. And this is the most important thing. This is the love we all need and all need to show. I also believe that these moments make our kids and grandkids better human beings.

So, a birthday is coming and you don’t know what to buy. Especially for a kid, which has everything they need. Or for an adult which has almost everything – needed or otherwise. Give them some time. Create something together.

Almost nothing in money terms

Instead of buying toys and gadgets, buy a few pieces of high quality watercolour paper and create some muffin toppers for the party. Muffin topper decorations are one of the easiest things you can make and they are very cute. You can use them to convey any message you want; every image your loved one will like. So, sit together at your table and make them. Especially if the birthday person is a child.

Here is one very easy and fast way to make unique toppers which cost almost nothing in money terms. The bigger cost is time and the bigger pay-out is the love between the two of you.

Take some ink stamps – it is not necessary to buy them if you are not a crafty person and don’t expect to reuse them – you can borrow them from a friend I’m sure. Stamp the images you prefer on the white watercolour paper.

black and white picture of white paper, black ink pad and stamps with hot air balloons and clouds in black

After that put some colour on the images.

markers and watercolour brush on a paper with stamped balloons and clouds

My favourite technique for the last few months is the watercolour technique. Just take some markers, draw a line on the edge of the shape and blend the colour with water. The easiest way is to do it with these great watercolour brushes with water containers. I love this invention of Chihiro Tanaka, it is really genius! ♥

You can mix the colours as you wish.

stamped clouds, coloured with markers and watercolour brush

Make them shine

After your coloured images dry, you can use white, black and gold markers to define some lines, fix some mistakes and make some. special decoration.

One of my favourite “helpers” are glitter pens – great results and easy to use.

clouds, coloured in blue, orange, pink and purple with some glitter

After the decoration dries too, cut the shapes…

elements - hand drawn hot air balloons and clouds, coloured in different colours and cut

… and glue the white to white sides with a tooth stick inside.

hand drawn and cut elements for muffin toppers and toots sticks

Press carefully and gently the area around the stick to the glue. In some objects the parts will not have the exact shapes.

paper cloud muffin topper in purple and blue

But you can make from this negative a positive by adding some extra decoration.

cloud shape paper muffin topper in blue and gold

Made with love

That’s it! Simple, colourful and easy. Made with love. If you need an extra reason to use this way to create a present, ok – this will cost you less than buying the toppers. But doing them yourself adds that priceless element – your precious time.

hand drawn muffin toppers - hot air balloon (green, yellow, purple, white, glitter) and clouds (blue, pink, orange, white, glitter)

So do not worry that “normal people” buy their presents. You are not one of the ordinary “normal people”. You are a special, loving person with special gifts, full of love!

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