How to make Anemone crepe paper flower

Spring is coming in the Northern hemisphere and my balcony garden will need more attention… There are some flowers I love very much, but don’t dare to have at home – they are beautiful, but fragile.

crepe paper anemone in white and black on a white background

Traveling often for long periods of time makes things difficult for flower lovers. I am always giving the keys to my neighbours, but every time when we come back, the flowers are sad, sometimes some of them are dead.

That is how my passion for the paper flowers was born. I started making paper flowers, to have at home not only the best survivors, but also some of the more fragile.

So, how to make an Anemone crepe paper flower?

Actually, it is very easy, but takes time.

First you need crepe paper in black, green and white. The best is to use only white crepe paper and to colour it yourself, but this will take even more time. Most of the coloured crepe papers are staining my fingers, so I am usually buying only white ones and painting them with acrylic paints. But sometimes I am lazy and prefer to use those that are already coloured.

The best things working with only white crepe paper are: first, you are not collecting a lot of colours and cluttering your work space and second, you can always have the best colour nuances that you can imagine. Working with coloured crepe paper will not always give you these opportunities. But, as I said, it does save time.

crepe papers in green, black and white

The “heart”

Cut from your black paper some pieces, not wider than 4 cm and not shorter than 20 cm.

pieces of black crepe paper on white background

Probably you will need at least 5 paper strings like these in the picture. I used 7.

Cut the thinnest fringes you can…

cut fringes on black crepe paper piece

… and glue all the fringy paper pieces around the “stem”. In my case I used a barbeque wooden stick, but you can also use wire from the hardware shop or paper wire.

twisting and gluing fringy crepe paper pieces around wooden stick

When you have all the paper pieces glued, cut them very carefully with the scissors to make a round shape. This will be the “heart” of your anemone.

shaping the "heart" of the anemone

Very often people just use a little ball, covered with paper. But the anemone’s heart has tiny, hair-like, stamens, so a ball is maybe not the best idea. If you work with other materials, you can use a felt ball, but for now, we are making the anemone only from paper.

the round shape of the anemone's heart

The stamens

Cut some more paper pieces from the white and the black paper and draw white, grey and black lines. For the white ones I am using an acrylic marker, for the others, normal water based markers.

white and black crepe paper pieces, coloured with some white, grey and black strokes

Cut little fringes on these too and twist them to make them narrower.

how to make crepe paper anemone - making the stamens

Glue them around the ball, as shown.

how to make crepe paper anemone - gluing the stamens

Glue a string from twisted crepe paper in the middle of the same black crepe paper and fold.

gluing string of twisted crepe paper in the middle of black crepe paper - making more stamens

Crease gently the top edges, where the string is.

how to make crepe paper anemone - making the stamens

While the glue is still wet and the paper is soft to work with, cut fringes again.

how to make crepe paper anemone - making the stamens

And again twist the fringes.

how to make crepe paper anemone - making the stamens and twisting the fringes.

Glue around the “heart”. Make no less than two layers – one shorter and one longer.

how to make crepe paper anemone - finished stamens

The petals

Cut 12 white petals and colour the bottom in green and purple.

how to make crepe paper anemone - making the petals

I am using markers and water brush to mix the colours a little bit.

colouring the petals with green and purple markers and water brush

Glue the petals around the “heart” – 6 on the first level and 6 on the back.

petals are glued around the black-grey stamen area

Cut leaves from the green paper. Green leaves always make me impatient, so I am making them in the easiest way.

Try to smooth the creased paper lines with your nails, it is easy.

smoothing the creased paper lines with my nails

Glue the leaves and cover all the stem from the top to the bottom with green paper.

ready white crepe paper anemone on grey background

That’s it!

Your paper anemone is ready. If I am honest – maybe it will take you 4-6 hours to make one flower, but it is worth it.

Enjoy your flower time! ♥

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