September Journal title page

Like many of you I am obsessed with bullet journaling. Now, when I’m a bit older, they remind me of my teenagers years, when I was equally obsessed with writing my diaries. I find myself entering the same “promises”, tasks, decorations, but also with a lot of emotional sharing.

colourful (blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, purple) title page of bullet journal. The sign is September - in purple. There are some glued elements like white stars and yellow and green leaves

Black and white

Of course, the emotion is mostly in my head. And the pages are very, very simple – to make it easy to be filled in with to-do lists and a lot of new business or Life ideas. I have reduced all the beautiful, but distracting elements like drawings and monthly calendars. I am very jealous with every piece of the page to be sure it is used properly.

Once, I tried to decorate the pages and the columns for every day of the week, only to reduce the tasks for the day and to allow more time for the activities which are pleasing my soul, like crocheting, for example. But very quickly I realised this makes me find more ideas and create more to-do lists which was not my aim. However, I still keep decorating these spaces – as a reminder to enjoy life, not only to do my work. Sometimes, I am using washi tape, sometimes some of my stamps, whatever is needed to keep the mood and make an attractive page.

Why September title page

There are parts I am decorating a lot especially the monthly title pages. Every new month has its own mood and its own “spell”. The “spell” is in the word, be it “successful”, or “lucky”, or “healthy” – this one especially for late winter time.

I love Septembers. They are not too hot; they have beautiful colours. I especially love them when my husband and I have the chance to spend more time in our coastal home. In my heart, September has bright blue colours.

So, the September title page for 2019 is mainly in turquoise blue, yellow and red-orange. Blue for the sea and the sky, which are kissing each other somewhere far away on the horizon, and yellow, orange and red because of the colours of the leaves and the specific golden light, like in the paintings of the old Italian masters.

Making the September title page background

I am sharing this idea with you not because it is something unique. Online you will see many  beautiful opening pages. But mine is made with no pre-made elements and keeps the principles of the Capsule Craft Collection. If you are curious about, you can find them in my book The Capsule Craft Collection. Simple materials and self-made decorating elements.

First, of course, I started with white watercolour paper. The good thing with good quality watercolour paper is that it is a great foundation for building a lot of elements even for notebook type journals. So, it is easy to draw and write on the next page with no problems due to an uneven base.

Using watercolour markers, I draw the blue sky and sea, some Autumn petals, my favourite red Pelargonium blossoms.

watercolour markers and sketches of leaves, Pelargonium blosoms in red, blue sky and sea and some Autumn leaves in orange, brown and yellow

It is not necessary to be a wonderful drawing, but just to catch the colours and the mood. The next step was to mix all the colours, using a water container brush and to make the background for the decorations. After drying, I glued it onto the notebook page and used some washi tape to secure the edges.

watercolour drawing of sea, sun, Pelargonium blossoms and leaves - the sketch from the previous picture, treated with water. Some washi tape in blue and pink with flowers to secure the edges

Making the details

Of course, all by hand again. The main principle of the Capsule Craft Collection is that the crafter (or journaler) makes most of the elements they use by themselves. This keeps him or her mind focussed more and more on being creative and not overstoring craft materials which need sorting through for every project.

So, using my wonderful Sizzix Big shot machine, I cut some little Autumn petals…

Sizzix Big shot machine and cut white leaves

… and after that coloured them.

yellow leaf coloured with watercolour on white paper background

Then I coloured the other elements with watercolours.

paper tag, coloured in light blue

Again, with the watercolour markers and water container brush. Using a lot of watercolour is my style. Maybe yours is different. When the “capsule crafter” defines his own style, he or she will start creating more easily and faster. And will also become more recognisable just by their style.

Following the same principles, I made myself the September sign. Yes, maybe it the calligraphy is not perfect, but it is my own in my own journal. And with every time I use it I am getting better and better.

Purple watercolour handwriting September

After the sign dried, I glued it on a glitter foam.

the purple handwritten sign September, glued on a glitter foam

I also stamped some “messages” in the other coloured parts. For me, they are meaningful. It is nice to make your own messages if possible, not to buy someone else’s.

Blue and pink tags. The blue tag has stamp LOVE and the pink - a birdcage with a red heart inside

Do not worry if you create your own rules

This is your journal. And if you need something, just make it. I have a good collection of washi tape, but in this case, I didn’t find the precise piece I needed. So, instead of going and buying a new one, I just took my nail polishes and make the exact glittery piece I needed. Maybe you can use different materials. The main message is: don’t be a just a “user”, be a “creator” instead!

After the lacquer dried, I used my round knife to make its sides more “decorative”.

paper strip, covered with pink and glitter nail polish, made to look like glitter washi tape, and a roller punch

And glued it onto the watercolour base.

pink Autumn leaf and the glitter washi tape from the previous picture

With this I had all the elements I needed.

the full set of decoration for the September journal title page

And only had to organise them around the main sign “September”, which I cut into shape, leaving a little glitter space around. This reminds me of gemstones and matches the message: Precious September.

One of my Craft collection principles is to use glitter and gold, so using these I added a few small highlights.

some glitter strokes and dots added on the drawing

And everything was ready! My September journal title page was made with only the essential materials and tools I keep in my craft space. Making it this way is the excitement I wanted to share with you! ♥

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