ready bird "picture"

Bird scrapbook project

You know, real scrapbooking is a great fun. The entire process where you are creating your elements, making and reshaping ideas to fit new projects, which weren’t even part of what you were planning before…

silk fabric collage bird with acrylic background and torn paper flowers

Cleaning my working desk to answer my new ideas of a craft space, I found a lot of elements and paper pieces, already shaped and cut, but unused. What a waste! Instead of throwing them in the rubbish bin (yes, it is very difficult to throw out paper!), to decided to use them in a new project.

So, this is how the Bird scrapbook project happened

First was the background. Those of you, who have seen my book, “The healing of the craft hoarder”, will recognise its cover here. Yes, there were some different painted backgrounds before I choose this exact one. The craft hoarder was healed, but something deep inside them didn’t want to throw out such a wonderful piece of paper. So, I found the background!

acrylic background in turquoise and grey

The line between the two colours reminded me so much of a tree branch, so I decided to draw it…

acrylic background and pencil drawn tree branch

… and to colour it with an ordinary blue marker. Here, I want to say, you don’t need special (and expensive) materials to design. The less complicated the materials are, the more exciting the result will be, because you will invent your own way to create!

the same background, the branch is painted in ink blue with blue marker

In this picture you can see another piece of paper “saved” from the rubbish bin. I remember I was trying to make different backgrounds for another scrapbook project and this one just didn’t fit. But now, it was the perfect craft supply I needed. I didn’t use scissors, just tore the shapes of the flowers and the snowflakes around their edges.

white piece of paper with black snowflake and flower stamps, one of the flowers is torn around the edges

The next step was to colour them – again with simple markers, and to glue them on the tree branches. Some of the markers were ready for the rubbish bin too, so this project was their “swan song”.

the torn paper flowers are coloured in pink

The main thing with the flowers is the coloured background. I just decided that I didn’t like the simple white edges, so I coloured the back of every piece. This gave more volume to the flowers and more realistic and colourful shades.

the back side ot the torn paper flower pieces, coloured in orange and pink

The Bird itself

The silk pieces were from last Christmas’s greeting card project – some colours and shapes which didn’t fit the main idea. You can use every piece of fabric and not only fabrics, but every piece of material, which fits your idea – leather, plastic, wood, dried autumn leaves…

silk fabric pieces for making bird shape

I didn’t like how the colours looked together, so I added some other colours to tie the pieces together. I think it worked out better this way. The instruments I used were the same – old markers, pushed to work hard to the very end.

colouring the silk pieces with markers

After that I made some more details on the bird’s body and used a white acrylic marker to make the eye. Of course, it was probably better to have made it from a piece of paper or even from polymer clay, but the marker was in front of me and it was the fastest way to make it.

making little dots on the silk bird's body with marker

The last step was to connect all the elements and to draw some extra details. For example – to cover the pencil lines, which were still visible, but in general, to make everything look finished… And voilà ! it was finished

There is another story inside this project. This bird also became a greeting card for a close friend of mine, and she liked it so much, so she framed it and hung it on her wall. Wow! What a great finale for some pieces which were saved from the rubbish bin!

finished bird "picture" with added extra decorations

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