finished hippie style greeting card

Hippie style greeting card – why not?

Oh, so many birthdays of wonderful people that I love a lot in October, so I am still in a celebrating, colourful mood. And also, the Indian Ocean is bright turquoise blue, but that’s another story…

colourful greeting card with pompoms

To create a Hippie style greeting card is very easy! The better news is you can’t make a mistake here! There are no mandatory materials or actions. Oh, sorry, it is required to have fun! I think so many people feel too seriously about their craft, so they are losing the pleasure of creating. Every small moment of confusion becomes a huge problem, everything is like they have to finish “War and Peace”, not just be happy and enjoy what they are doing.

So, how to create this colourful hippie style greeting card?

First, I started with simple white watercolour paper, children’s watercolour markers and my long-time favourite the water container brush. From the first moment I started working with these brushes, I’ve loved them! They save me so much space and allow me to work comfortably anywhere!

white watercolour paper, watercolour markers and container brush

I drew some “borders” with pencil to keep the project in a specific rectangular shape and started making sketches with the markers. Easy, hey!?

marker square sketches

The second step was to “watercolour” the marker strokes. If you decide to try this project, don’t worry about some mixed colours and lines, going in odd directions. There are no “odd” directions here.

watercolouring the marker strokes

Dry your watercolours and stamp on the top of every colour some funny messages. When I am in a hurry, I dry my paper elements in the microwave oven. It is a great helper! If you are curious about more tips and tricks about the marker water colouring, see the article.

Here I chose the baking theme – because of the cute philosophy hidden behind the jokes. For example, “Let’s bake some memories together”. Baking is chemistry, so baking memories together is about the chemistry between two people, about the different reactions – sometimes even with bright explosions. Or, “You make everything butter”…

the watercolour rectangles are stamped with different images and black ink

If you like the idea, you can stop here. The greeting card already has enough wonderful messages at this stage of the project. Glue it onto the base and send it with all your love…

But, if you feel like you want to keep working, chose your brightest knitting wool and thread colours!

the stamped paper, needle and colourful knitting wool

Second level

Put your piece of paper in a soft kitchen towel and make some holes. They are important – without them the needle and the thread will rupture the paper when moving through.

making holes in the paper with big needle

Drive the thread through the paper and stick the end on the back – to be sure it will not come loose.

fixing the wool in the back with Scotch tape

Then enjoy some embroidering until you decide this level is complete!

hippie style greeting card - the stamped paper with embroidered strokes in red, blue and yellow

You can also stop here too! The greeting card is made from the heart and I am sure, your special person will love it. But if you want something more, keep working…

Add some fun!

As I said, fun is important. And the life is too short to live with no joy.

So, make some small pompoms and connect them with a big knot.

wool pompoms in blue, red and orange

Then make a hole in one of the edges…

hole in the left top part

…and slide the threads through.

hippie style greeting card - pompom detail

Glue them on bottom side very carefully, like all the edges from the previous stage.

the back of the hippie style greeting card - every wool end is carefully glued and fixed with flue and paper tape

And glue your art onto the card base.

Here I had a little complication. The plan was to erase these lines I made before the marker drawings. But looking at the finished piece, I somehow liked them. I liked the piece more with than without the pencil lines. Maybe it sounds weird, but… So, I kept all the lines and fixed the erased one. It is strange how sometimes little “imperfections” give more life to our projects.

edges of the hippie greeting card

And the Hippie style greeting card was ready!

completed Hippie greeting card

I am sure you will, create wonderful craft, based on this idea. It is wonderful not only for greeting cards, but also for journal covers and wall art. Have fun and be creative!

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