Scrapbook and lace lemonade

You know these old wise words: “If Life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

scrapbook decoration with paper clock, vintage paper and lace

Almost two months ago I bought а clock paper die online. I was hoping to use it for my New Year greeting card designs. Yesterday the little pack came! I was so excited! Of course, I tried it immediately!


Two months impatiently waiting for something which works only about 60-ish percent.

paper cut with a very bad quality

I was angry – to myself and to the seller. But what to do? Send it back and to wait for another one for another two months? Ask for my money back? Leave them a bad review? All of these? I wanted the clock die!

Let’s prepare the scrapbook lemons

First, I tore off the part which was somehow possible to use. (Hmm, this photo looks a little bit like a Death Star.)

what I saved from the bad cut

Next was to clean all the holes which must be clear, and which were possible to clean without destroying the paper. And put it aside

the best cut I had from the die

Now we need some paper

I love the look of vintage paper. And love making it and experimenting with different mixtures of coffee or tea. For this project I used a page from an old organizer written in Russian, which my husband bought me as a present when we were in Saint Petersburg years ago. Then I soaked the bright white paper in hot mocha-pot coffee for only a few seconds. Just to cover the white.

white piece of a notebook organizer, sunk in coffee

While the page was drying in the microwave (you can use a normal oven too), I did some simple blending on the clock shape with brown, indigo and turquoise ink. And this was the result. I love how the little white lines outline the shapes that didn’t cut out properly.

A reminiscence of my school years are the two red lines on the right side of the page. Long, long time ago, when I was at school, there was a very strict rule – one red line (no green, no blue, not with pencil…) two centimetres in from the edge of the page. No narrower or wider. Exactly 2 centimetres. In this little field we were allowed to write only the date. It had to be left clear for teacher’s notes. Feeling a bit rebellious with these memories I put two red lines on the right side of the page.

the paper is coloured and the clock is blended in brown-greyish

Next step was a lot of stamping. This project definitely sent me back to my school time notebooks, where I was always drawing girls, flowers and everything you can imagine on the pages and my teachers were always very angry to me.

So, I stamped this little gorgeous girl and added a little white accent to the page with acrylic markers.

Scrapbook and lace lemonade- using white acrylic markers for some details

Can you believe that the next step was the most difficult one? Normally, I would not think about putting lace on a work like this, but only few hours earlier, we were talking with friends about hand crocheted laces in frames and the idea somehow got stuck in my imagination. But which lace to choose? These ones?

trying to find the right laces for the project

Or these ones?

Scrapbook and lace lemonade - trying to find the proper lace for the project

That was the most difficult step. Actually, I am still not sure I made the right choice. I liked all the possibilities and combinations.

About the frame

If you are reading my blog, you know I am a real box lover. Maybe a psychologist can find a lot of reasons for this “love” which is so strong in me. It is very difficult to resist a good-looking box and I can find thousands of explanations as to why I need exactly this box and how important is to have it. This one is from my tablet. I have kept it for almost a year, because in the moment when I was going to throw it in the street paper bin, I realised it can be a great frame. See? Hopeless!

the frame is made from a tablet box

But when I covered the holes with black cardboard, the real frame image appeared.

Scrapbook and lace lemonade - making the frame

Then I chose one of the laces and glued it with double sided tape onto the black cardboard.

fixing the lace with double sided glue tape

After that I also glued on the page, but only with one thin line of glue.

the lace is glued on the black cardboard

The back of the page was free and was also decorated – maybe for some secret, hidden notes.

the back side ot the decorated paper

The lemons again

On the back of the central part of the clock I glued a thin piece of cardboard.

Scrapbook and lace lemonade - making the clock element

The reasons were two: first to separate between the two levels of the decoration, and second, to give extra strength for the clock hands.

Scrapbook and lace lemonade - making the clock element

Then I fitted the clock hands with a small round piece of foam and a simple steel pin.

Scrapbook and lace lemonade - making the clock element

The important part here is that I put some extra glue around the pin to fix it securely so that it would not move with the clock hands.

fixing the steel pin with extra glue

And my scrapbook lemonade with lace was ready. The idea is to put it above my work space. On the one hand it will remind me about all my 2020 New year resolutions, which are already a long list, and on the other it will keep reminding me about the precious time and the important things in my Life, which always need to have the first place in every to do list. But all this is another long, long story for another day.

Scrapbook and lace project

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