Christmas gingerbread cookies in a snowflake shape, decorated in white, pink, red and gold

The Christmas reason

It is sad that at the end of every December we keep forgetting the real reason for the Christmas holidays. Somehow, lost in the impassionate or sometimes passionate shopping vortex, we keep forgetting to be thankful for what we have.

The precious time. Together.

a ball of gingerbread dough and star and snowflake cutters

A man and his wife on the road

Even though this is the road between Nazareth and Bethlehem, this is December and the shadows are long. The days can be warm, but the nights are cold. The woman is pregnant and her prenatal pains started hours ago. Every pebble under the donkey’s hooves is piercing her. Every little bump is as strong as a blow. But she is quiet and trying not to disturb her husband. He is so good, so noble and generous, so patient. He is ignoring all the mistrust of their society and all the rude, malicious gossip of the neighbourhood women, who are looking down at her, “Yes! Angel of the Lord!” and giggling, covering their mouth with their scarves, because it is not moral for a woman to laugh. It looks like it is not moral to believe in God’s power either.

Her husband’s legs are also in pain, but he doesn’t want to worry his wife. She is fragile and he sees her pain in her tighten mouth and compressed lips. It is getting dark and maybe there are robbers in front of them. Unfortunately, there is no space at the inn already. The doors are even locked, because of all these unknown newcomers on the road, people don’t trust them…

All of us who…

All of us who these days will not be lying alone in hospital just hoping for another month of life, will not be in a military camp somewhere in some remote part of the world, hoping for good internet and no attacks so they can see their families, or those working on ships or oil rigs in the middle of the stormy oceans, all of us in normal circumstance should be very thankful for the precious gift of being at home together. Together with the people we love.

For me, this is the real way to celebrate. I don’t care about the number of packages under the Christmas tree. The only thing I care about is to be with my husband and son in our warm home. Healthy and together. This is the best Christmas present. I don’t need a special manicure, a special hairstyle, a special dress and food and drinks. They don’t make Christmas. The people around us do.

It is so simple

Just to be together. Talk to each other, share our thoughts, listen to our children’s dreams, hold someone’s hand.

So, why not make something together to bring us closer together and replace the gifts we are not buying. If you want to spend money, ok, donate it to a good cause, maybe you will save someone’s life and will give him or her an amazing Christmas gift – longer life or warm food. Give it to medical research – you will save maybe millions of lives. Why not also create something real together with our children or friends and make little gifts from the heart to everyone we love and care about. These gifts don’t disappear over the years. These gifts don’t clutter our homes. They are the best warm blanket to cover our shoulders in the moments when we are alone. Because these moments are the most precious gift, which can’t be replaced by all the diamonds in the world. The gift of our time together building precious memories.

My way

These are the cookies I make every year as Christmas presents for my family and friends. They take time, oh, a lot of time, but people love them. Can you imagine, some of my friends don’t even eat them. They keep them as decorations! I think that’s a bit sad. They are very tasty, believe me. I put a lot of effort into the decoration but only after all the hours of kneading, shaping and baking. Decorating and packing one of these little boxes with my cookies is my way to show my people they are very important to me.

On Christmas day I give the people I love the most precious thing I own. My time.

decorated Christmas gingerbread cookies

I wish you a Merry Christmas together! ♥

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