brown bag paper hearts Valentine decoration

Valentine’s brown bag paper hearts

As you know, paper is my passion, so I am trying to use every little piece which appears in our home. It is not only the recycling which inspires me. It is the great feeling of the different textures, all the very specific natural colours. Paper is a great craft material!

So why not make another Valentine’s gift from paper? For ages and ages all the love messages have been written on paper after all…

brown bag paper hearts - Valentine's present to all people you love

Do you remember the article about the stuffed IKEA bag animals? This project is a lot easier!

The Start!

First, to make these Valentine’s brown bag paper hearts you need to cut some brown paper hearts. What a surprise!

how to make brown bag paper hearts - first cut two heart shapes the same size

Then, with acrylic paint, colour the central part of your heart shapes

brown bag paper hearts - colouring the middle area

For this project I used white, ivory and pink colours. The ivory was especially to reduce, a little bit, the brightness of the pink and to make it fit better with the natural brown colour of the paper.

I recommend acrylic paint for your craft projects

The next step, after the acrylic paint dried, was to stamp the hearts with my letter stamp. The idea is to make it look like a love message. But you can do something better!

Why not write the message yourself instead of using anonymous stamps? This will make your gift absolutely precious and unique! Write part of a poem or just some words of love and appreciation.

stamp or better write something in the middle of the hearts

Then sew the edges of the paper hearts and before finishing the whole circumference, gently some soft stuffing inside.

sew the brown bag paper hearts

…and The Final!

And your brown bag paper hearts will be ready. You can add more decoration, like some decorative stitches or stick on some lace or paper flowers. Anything you feel your loved one will enjoy.

the brown bag paper hearts are ready now

Explore your craft time! ♥

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