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Scrapbook snippet roll

Snippet rolls are one of the cutest things in the craft world. A wonderful example of the addiction to these amazing materials and details…

Actually, creating a snippet roll can help you overcome your own craft material addiction and to create a capsule craft space. Believe me, the Capsule craft space idea changed my life. It is like the Capsule wardrobe idea, but for the craft space. Don’t believe it is true? Read my article with the basic steps or dig deeper with the book about my Craft hoarding. It was not a great time to realise that my craft material addiction is destroying my life, but realize I did and doing so I beat it!

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So, how the Snippet roll can help you?

Quoting Wikipedia “A snippet is defined as a small piece of something”. So, the snippet roll is a real roll made with these small elements and details, the most beautiful ones, which sometimes can be very difficult to work with because they are so beautiful that you just don’t want to finish.

Ok, why not create something like a special source of the most beautiful elements, which you use in case of real need? When you have to make something really impressive? I often include fabric in my paper projects and sometimes there are beautiful little pieces, which I feel completely uncomfortable throwing away. I am talking about really small pieces.

use all the little scrap pieces and create a snippet roll

Then, one day, looking at the picture of a beautiful Victorian lace snippet roll, I realised what I could do! I could make a snippet roll with all these little pieces, which are filling boxes and boxes, because I am too sad to throw them out! Creating a Scrapbook snippet roll helps you:

  1. Keep beautiful little elements until you find (or not) the proper time to use them.
  2. Organizes your craft space. Especially if you are have a set day to work with them and to connect them. The little pieces don’t continue piling up and using them, you are not “cleaning” – you are “creating”.
  3. These hours of organizing the little snippets from the previous days are a meditation. A real meditation! When I am working with mine, I am away from the world! My head empties, my thoughts are relaxed and nothing can make me worry during this time. After that, looking at the new part of the roll, I am full of new ideas! Waiting for the day of my snippeting is like waiting for a well deserved reward!
  4. Keeps you away from the collecting and piling up of craft materials you don’t want to use. The good thing in the snippet roll is it is small but can collect the best from your all favourite materials. No matter what – ribbons, laces, washi tape, pieces with stamps, little drawings, beads, buttons… Everything. You only need to organize and glue or sew these elements. In this moment your brain already knows that part of the treasure is kept forever, so it doesn’t worry about working with the rest of the material.

scrapbook snippets

How to create your Scrapbook snippet roll?

Oh, it is very easy! You only need a base. For me, as a base, it is easy to use white paper strips from my son’s old notebooks. You can also use magazine pages or fabric… Fabric I do not recommend, because when gluing, you will need a bit more glue and it is possible for the part to became thicker and more difficult to roll. The other great part about using paper strips is that you can always add another one and another one very fast and easy.

scrapbook snippet roll

So, did I convince you to start creating your own Scrapbook snippet roll? I will be happy if you share with me how yours is looking, what kind of materials you mostly included in it. And – also – is it inspiring you to create something new…

Oops, are you curious about the golden metal thing? It is a hair pin, which helps me while I am working and after that keeps my Scrapbook snippet roll nicely folded.

embellishment project

Enjoy your craft snippeting!

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