ANZAC tissue paper poppies

ANZAC tissue paper poppies

You know me – I love poppies, and this is not the first poppy project I have offered you here, but this one is very easy! A bunch of these tissue paper poppies will take less than half an afternoon and will easily satisfy your ANZAC day decorating needs.

how to DIY ANZAC day tissue paper poppy flowers

Let’s start with the paper

Here the most important thing is the paper. You need tissue paper! You know how gentle and fragile the poppy petals look, don’t you? Tissue paper is amazing material for this as it is thin and smooth and easy to crease – perfect to represent the very specific feeling of the poppy flower.

Of course, you can use also red office printer paper. The structure is not perfect, but – this is important! – if you want to create poppies, which will be in contact with your clothes, it is better to use this! Tissue paper will very easily dye your skin and clothes, especially the red one!

Also very important! You can buy white tissue paper and then colour it with acrylic paint. Probably this is the best way since you’ll be using the best paper and the acrylic paint won’t fade or stain anything else. But in the beginning, I said this is a fast and easy project, so you decide what to do – it depends on the time, ideas and materials you have available.

how to choose tissue paper for poppy flower craft prpoject

 Let’s make the petals!

Fold the sheet of the tissue paper as shown. The size of the square will give you the size of the flower. If you need bigger flowers, make the rectangle bigger. If you want smaller, even tiny ones, fold more.

ANZAC tissue paper poppies - how to make the poppy petals

Then cut circles as shown. It is not necessary for these to be perfect, don’t worry! Remember the poppy flower! Every imperfection (within reason) will give your flowers a more realistic look.

making poppy petals from tissue paper

Then squish the petals to make them crumbled. The easiest way is to do it as shown, in the hole between your fingers.

how to make ;poppy petals from tissue paper

See how it happens?

how to make ANZAC day tissue paper poppies

Then twist the paper gently to make more crunching…

ANZAC tissue paper poppies

This is the result you have to look for:

ANZAC poppy flowers DIY

To create one poppy flower, I suggest using 3 layers of petals. Of course, you can make it with only one, or more than 3, but 3 is the best. The 3 layers will support each other, and give the flower sufficient volume. More layers will make it too busy and it will look more like a Carnation or even a Peony…

ANZAC tissue paper poppies - use 3 petal layers for each flower

Meanwhile – some extra ideas

If you have extra time, you can make the petals more realistic. Wet them with water, while they are still twisted and dry them in the microwave for about 10 seconds. But be very careful – as I said, the industrial coloured tissue paper with running colours can make a big mess!

ANZAC poppy - decolouring tissue paper petals

See the colour difference:

how to DIY ANZAC tissue paper poppies

The other idea is less messy. If you have a box cover or a not very deep box (as this old iPhone box in my case, you know, I am collecting not only notebooks, but also boxes), you can use it as a frame. Create wall art with poppies!

ANZAC tissue paper poppies - DIY decoration ideas

Let’s make the poppy heads

If you have any scrapbook poppy paper dies, use them to make the “heart” of the flowers.

making ANZAC poppy decoration

But if you don’t have special poppy ones, you can use all the other stamen or small flower ones. Do you remember my article about Capsule craft collection? If you don’t want to have a cluttered craft space, learn how to repurpose different instruments. It is really fun!

easy to make ANZAC tissue paper poppies, using the capsule craft collection ideas

See how my poppies look with poppy and non-poppy “hearts”.

making poppy hearts

Then cut some leaves and glue them between the petals as shown.

ANZAC tissue paper poppies home decoration craft project

And your poppies are ready!

ANZAC tissue paper poppies

You can also glue on the bottom a brooch needle and use them on the ANZAC day. Just don’t forget what I said about the colour of the tissue paper! If you plan to make brooches, better colour white tissue with acrylic paint or use red copier paper!

ANZAC tissue paper poppy brooch

And let’s make the whole poppy flower!

Using a simple kitchen sponge and a thick needle, make a hole in the middle of the black poppy heart.

ANZAC tissue paper poppies

Twist as shown the ends of a floral wire or a simple thicker wire, which you probably have at home.

ANZAC tissue paper poppies - how to make the stem

Then thread the wire through the poppy head.

ANZAC tissue paper poppies

If you decide to work with wire, you will probably need some pliers: from the bottom – to cut, to twist and to flatten the twist end.

making poppy flower stem

Then, with some green paper and glue or with sticky florist’s ribbon, cover the wire. This will not only fix the flower head but will also make the poppy stem more realistic.

making paper poppy flowers

And that’s it! Your poppy flowers are ready!

I wish you a great, mindful ANZAC day and some wonderful minutes crafting!

Stay safe and create! ♥

ANZAC tissue paper poppies

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