Christmas constellations gift stickers

Christmas constellations stickers – add more fun to your Christmas gifts

My husband and I are not general TV viewers, but there are some rare moments, when we feel like watching something – mostly when we’re stuck in a hotel room. And once we found the, “Through the worm hole” series with Morgan Freeman on Discovery Science and became fans.

Recently, because of the Covid-19 situation and people’s behaviour full of insolence and intolerance, I find myself more and more thinking about how stupid such behaviour actually is. To hate or to ignore reality, to live in fear or irresponsibly – do we really need these feelings. Little everyday expressions of spite and malice, greediness and selfishness. Why? To hurt someone just show that we are right?

So foolish.

So foolish, such smallest of mind has nothing to do with reality even considering only our little “Earth-base” and is even less than insignificant when set against the whole infinite Universe around our planet? Who cares about someone’s desire to have power, or a lot more money, or to be “right”. Maybe we should think more often about the larger context of existence, no matter what we call it – God, Universe, Nature – and less about our petty concerns.

So, “because it is Christmas”, and it is the traditional time to remind ourselves about the real things, I am offering you a simple idea for gift decoration with Christmas constellation printables.

How to make your own Christmas constellations

I drew mine in my iPad, but you can use any drawing program or create them by hand (which will make them even more special and valuable).

Christmas constellations drawing

You can create as many as you can imagine. Everything, important to you and your family can become a constellation. I made “home” as a word, but also as a house constellation, because of my gratitude for our beautiful coastal home.

gratitude printable stickers for your Christmas and no-Christmas projects

I also made the “teacup”, to celebrate our moments of self-care and also because of our tradition of a morning cup of coffee on the balcony.

Meaningful Christmas constellations stickers

Then I printed them the size I liked using our simple home printer. Because the idea of the stickers is to be black and white, it was very easy – our printer is only black and white.

printable Christmas gift stickers

How to use these Christmas constellations

The good news is they can be applicable to big variety of crafts. Because they started as “stickers”, I decided to stick one on each small bag or box with the Christmas cookies I am preparing these days. Also, I am planning to make my own winter tea from dried Dog rose. There is a tradition in my family about this tea, so I will have the sweet moments reminding myself about my Great-Grandfather, who was making this tea every year at this time. So, the teacup-sticker will be for the pack of Dog rose tea. But it is also wonderful as a framed decoration for your tea or coffee station.

printable Christmas constellations gift stickers for tea and cookie packing

You can print a big one with a text…

Create your own Christmas constellation printable family gift with a message
Create your own Christmas constellation printable family gift with a warm message.

…frame it and send it as a Christmas gift to a person you love.

Printed Christmas constellations are great as gifts.

Or, you can use these stickers in your planner or gratitude journal… Or, although they’re Christmas themed, why not jump into next year – braver, wiser and more prepared to deal with the “black holes of Life”.

Create your own Christmas constellation stickers for your journal or planner

And also…

If you have no time, you can find my stickers in my blog shop.

If you decide to use the ones I prepared notice that the black I used is a warm charcoal shade, so I suggest printing them in colour. The contrast between “black” and “warm” will add even more “philosophy” to the message you will send with these Christmas constellation stickers. Give them your own meaning – we have so many things to appreciate. Even the opportunity to have craft time.

Enjoy your craft time and be inspired!

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