box with a kid's drawing of houses in yellow, red and blue and black pump bottle with Hug Kid's Super Pure Lotion by arbu

Hug for Kids – talking about meaningful packaging

Ok, I admit, “Hug for kids” is a bit of a twisted title, but it absolutely encapsulates the main idea of my article, and also, the main idea of the producers of this Kid’s organic Lotion. Unfortunately on their site you can’t see the paper box, which I believe they should fix.

When I first saw this product, I was really stunned. The cuteness and the message were one of a kind. Maybe somewhere there exist other similar skincare products for kids, but this is the first one I have seen with a real kid’s drawing on the box. I have seen a lot of lotions and creams for little ones with drawings, looking exactly like an adult version of a little child’s drawing.

Hug - Kids Super Pure Lotion - white paper box with kid's drawing of houses and tree

If you are following my blog, you know I am a box addict. I love boxes. I absolutely adore boxes! Even more than cats, I am sure. But not every box can attract my attention and desire, only special boxes. Beautiful boxes, interesting boxes, boxes made with an idea, with love. Boxes with a message.

Boxes with a soul.

Sounds a bit weird, “Hey! Box with a soul”, but reading the lines below, you will understand my point of view, I am sure.

So, today I am sharing this wonderful box of kid’s body lotion with the cute, warm and cuddly name “Hug”.

kid's drawing of houses and tree on white background. The paper box of Hug - organic body lotion for children.

As you can see on the photo above, the whole box looks like folded from a single drawing. Such a great idea for gift wrapping!

Hug your Kid

Children are natural born artists. Give them a clean piece of paper and coloured pencils and they will introduce you to the amazing world with unthinkable shapes and creatures. Our home is full of my son’s drawings with flying train tracks, living cars with tires and legs (“Just in case, Mom, when the tires get tired…”), clouds which are lying on the streets and huge, ineffable stars in every colour which exists in the known palette and, for certain, somewhere in the as yet unobserved Universe. Here you can see some of them♥

Unfortunately, my son stopped drawing in the first grade at school, when his class teacher told him he is no good. He refused to draw for all the years of school after that and still refuses even to make a few simple lines to show me the way to a street or to illustrate an idea.

If this teacher hadn’t “burnt his wings”, maybe he would be an artist now. Or maybe he would at least be drawing just for pleasure, why not.

So, what does one fragile, little artist need to grow up inspired?

Love and support.

And what is the physical expression of Love and support? A hug!

Hugging our children gives them so much! It heals, it supports, it makes them believe in themselves. So, is it not a powerful idea to name your product “Hug”? And, because it’s a product for kids put a real kid’s drawing on the package?

Kid's hand drawing of a tower looking house in yellow and red with blue round windows

To me it is flawless!

…and a Green message

Arbū, the company who created the Hug Lotion, is well known for their clean beauty organic skincare products. The name comes from the Latin root-word for “tree” and they also have a campaign in which, for every sold product from one of their collections, one tree is planted. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot, but actually it is, because it’s these small steps which are changing the world. If you like and use their product, you are already involved in the tree planting initiative. For me the feeling is amazing – while applying the beautifying cream on my face to know that somewhere a young tree is growing.

I don’t know about you, but it gives me goosebumps!

So, this is the second message – what will we leave for our children? A dirty or a clean Earth? Arbū’s green idea pervades all their products even the beautiful paper box you see in the photos which is 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable.

kid's drawing of a flower with yellow stamens and orange petals on white background

Parents, who are interested in healthy living and a healthy future for their children, will definitely choose this product. It is not only skincare, but also inspirational for adults and for their little ones. And, in some ways educational, following the path of green philosophy: love and support, recycling, clean beauty, tree planting, and the importance of nature.

white paper box with kid's drawing of houses in red and yellow with blue windows

Such a great, big, strong Hug!

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