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Sugar scrapbooking

Have you ever heard of “sugar scrapbooking”. Maybe I created this name and maybe I didn’t, but the principles I will be showing you in this and the next few articles suit this name 100%. “Sugar” because these decorations are made with so-called “sugar paper” which is wafer and fondant paper. And “scrapbooking” because I… Continue reading

Paper Angel Christmas decoration

Although angels are around us all the time, Christmas is a good time to remember them and to make them a part of our decoration and gifts as a reminder to be good, helping and loving people… Today I am sharing a project I have been postponing for weeks. Most of us believe angels are… Continue reading

Crepe paper Peony headpiece

This text was inspired by a lady who bought my coffee filter Peony hairclip tutorial. She asked me if it is possible to create a crepe paper Peony the same way and with the same purpose. My answer was: of course it is possible, but there are some difference because of the different type of… Continue reading