paper angel Christmas decoration

Christmas Paper Angel doll – this year my home decoration is paper and DIY

Although angels are around us all the time, Christmas is a good time to remember them and to make them a part of our decoration and gifts as a reminder to be good, helping and loving people…

Today I am sharing a project I have been postponing for weeks. Most of us believe angels are all dressed in white (or black, if we rely on popular movies), but I prefer them in colourful clothes and even with colourful wings.

In the instructions below you will see my steps for making a Christmas angel. If you like the idea, you can follow the steps and create your own. If you don’t have time to draw everything yourself you can visit my blog shop for the printable templates.

Templates and materials

First, I created 4 different “dresses” – 2 bigger and 2 smaller and 2 pairs of matching sleeves. Also – the Angel’s hair, which I decided to also have in two variations – light and dark.

To match the sleeves and because it is winter, I drew small gloves, also in two pairs. And – of course – the wings.

Also added two backgrounds, because somehow, I don’t like the white areas inside the colourful paper structures. Of course, the hair also needed their backgrounds and the project become very colourful. With this I can make lots of angels “dressed” in different ways only by mixing the different parts of their clothes and hair.

Christmas angels printable templates

If you decide to create an angel like this, following my instructions, you will also need a Styrofoam ball for the Angel’s head. If you prefer to print my templates on A4 paper, the ball has to be about 3cm diameter and if you print them on A3 – about 6cm diameter.

You will also need PVA glue, scissors and a wooden stick (or you can use a brush handle).

DIY paper Christmas angels - templates and materials

Making the Angel’s dress

I printed the templates on two different types of paper and suggest you do likewise. The body – on 200 g paper and the hair – on simple 80 g copy paper. This is because the hair will have at least 6 layers and the thicker paper will make the process of sculpting it difficult. And the hair will also become very heavy.

First, I made the cones of the two dresses – the smaller and the larger. My secret to making cones like this with thicker paper is to fold the gluing area and then to start connecting both sides of the design from the bottom (wider) side.

paper cone for angel's dress

Then I simply press and hold the folded gluing area – for me it is very important to glue it together well and make a secure construction so it doesn’t tear apart in the future. The edge is almost invisible on the back side of the angel and you can also smooth it with your fingers to hide it more. You just need to press from both sides – inside and outside – at the same time.

making paper angles dress

As I said above, you can mix the two cones and create different designs.

DIY paper angel

The Angel’s arms

I didn’t want all of the sleeves to be flat, so I glued them together only at the top leaving the lower part open. This leaves the flat areas only at the top to make them easy to glue on the dress later.

The next step was to connect the “lace” on the end of the sleeves only to the top part. The other two I left open. I liked the idea of seeing the colour of the background inside especially if the blue sleeves are printed with a red background or the red ones with blue.

paper Angel Christmas decoration

Then I attached the gloves by gluing them inside the sleeves.

DIY paper angel

My last step here was to glue both sleeves close to the top of the dress-cone.

paper angel Christmas decoration

Angel’s hair

To make the messy hair of a just-landed Angel, I decided to work on different layers each of which is curled with scissors (for more open curls)

DIY paper Christmas angel

… and the wooden stick (for tighter curls).

making paper angel's hair

Then I glued them together as shown in the photo below: the long pieces in the centre and the shorter ones on the top and underneath.

DIY paper angel's hair

Then I pressed just the edge of the “hair” to make my Angel’s hairstyle nicer.

making paper angel Christmas decoration

The next step was to put glue inside…

DIY paper angel - making the hair and the head

… and to glue around the Styrofoam ball.

DIY paper angel - making the head

Final steps and completing the paper Christmas Angel decoration

The final steps were also very simple. First, I made a hole in the end of the “hair” line and filled it with PVA glue.

DIY paper angel for Christmas decoration

Then stuck the top of the “dress” cone into the hole.

DIY paper angel

And the last step was to attach the wings to the back of the figure.

Christmas angel decoration

And the angel was ready!

Later, so my angel wouldn’t be lonely, I made another one – with dark hair. And I hope I will have time before Christmas to explore all the variations which the templates offer…

colourful paper angels Christmas decoration

Merry Christmas!

And Merry magical season, no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, we all need a place for at least one angel in our lives and souls!

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