The scrapbooking challenge – why not?


Why a scrapbooking challenge?

As we can all see scrapbooking is not what it once was. From starting as a wonderful challenge, tickling the imagination, it has grown into a multimillion business when almost everything happens with already completed material packages. Very sad! Why try to discover materials if you can just go to the craft shop and buy one of the hundreds of packages, organized by colours, themes, even mix-media ideas… I have committed this sin too, of course, but is it not more interesting to find the best lace in a small grocery shop than just buy something packed and served by others? For me the real Scrapbooker is a treasure hunter , not just a shopper. And what about the glue? In my neighbourhood we have a kind of society of different crafters and everyone is trying to find and share the best glue for fabric, paper or glass beads. It is a little bit of a game, a little bit serious, but believe me it is real fun to try and go on a “glue expedition”. Oh, and what about the paper?! There are so many, many ways to create your own paper – amazing, unique, keeping the touch of your fingers and the beating of your heart!

But I started talking too much… My idea today was to share a very easy way to use the leftovers of your craft work. These leftovers are the real lost treasure of scrapbooking!

What do you need?

So, first you need to look around yourself and find all the different paper you can use. Save your money and make your imagination work! Explore the house, the office, wherever – you will find amazing inspirations! Imagine how many different varieties of this modern shabby-rustic brownish beige you can find just in your own kitchen. Amazing craft paper, which could otherwise very possibly finish in the rubbish bin.

modern shabby-rustic brownish beige
modern shabby-rustic brownish beige

After that! You are a Scrapbooker. So, what are you doing with all these small pieces remaining after cutting the bigger elements? Do not put them in the rubbish bin please – they are amazing craft materials! Look what I have only after using one lace board punch! I have “hearts”, “drops”, “grass” (or “hair”, or “waves”, even “clouds”…), “spirals” (or “arabesques” if you prefer)… real treasure for scrapbooking!

amazing craft materials real treasure for scrapbooking
amazing craft materials real treasure for scrapbooking

The next step

So, what more do you need to start? Glue, scissors with decorative or plain blades, brushes or cotton buds and, very important – a needle!

Choose the cardboard which will be the base for your greeting card. And put some paper and card glue on it. Use the needle to move the small spirals around on the glued area to where you want them…

… and leave this part to dry on a side.

Choose one or more other cardboard pieces for the base of the decoration. Glue the paper “drops” on it by helping yourself with the needle and the brush.

Do you remember the small “grass” pieces? Glue them on to look like real grass.

Choose a piece of cardboard, smaller and with a different shade.

Decorate this piece with a part of the broken paper lace and glue it over the “grass”.

Cut with your flower punch some small flowers and fix them with glue onto the “grass”.

If you want, make some stamens in the flowers or just dots on the paper, using a permanent marker size S. It is not necessary, but you can glue some paper lace on the sides too…

And finally your 100% scrapbooking greeting card is ready! As a result you created something very attractive and absolutely free!


Of course, using different paper cutters, scissors and punches, you can make very different landscapes, or maybe not even landscapes but other scenes entirely. So, this is the way to be a real Scrapbooker and to use the smallest treasures for your work!

What you need: paper and cardboard from different packages, all the leftovers from other projects, glue, decorating scissors, needle and brush;

How long: I created this one in an hour. The more elements you have the more time you need.

Thank you!

Enjoy your work!

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