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Maybe in this blog I will show you hundreds or maybe thousands of paper flowers. Hope this will make you as excited to create flowers as I am.

Our apartment balcony looks like a jungle – tomatoes and cucumbers in pots, herbs – from lavender to parsley, rocket, olive trees, oranges, kumquats… and of course – flowers. My favourites –  oleanders, geraniums and poppies. Sometimes in summer, when everything is growing and flowering like crazy, the place for our two chairs and table is too small… Even then I know that tomorrow I will find a new flower, something that will make me fall in love and we will have another creature, which is tickling our necks during our morning coffee time and in the evening while we’re enjoying a glass of wine.

The flower, which I will show you today, is very easy to make. And you can create your own amazing ones just using your imagination and the shapes and colours you love.

Draw your paper flowers ideas and…

First of all you have to draw all the different shapes and layers of your flower. You decide how many layers the stamens and leaves will have. After painting, cut the shapes to discover if you need more layers or more elements.

paper flowers decoration

After cutting the shapes, paint the back sides of the flowers.

paper flowers

The elements will not stay flat, so if your flowers are not only white, it is better for every leaf to have colour on the back side too. This colour can be the same as the front, or can be something different. You decide.

how to make watercolour paper flowers decoration

I am using watercolour paper, which is amazing material for making flowers – thick and mouldable, it keeps its shape for years and years…

So, after cutting the shapes, the easiest way to make them look like flowers is to use an ordinary round stick and just to roll them around as I did with the stamens. Another way is to use your fingers.

paper flowers - stamens

You can use this technique to make every shape you want. And finally – these are my stamens.

paper flowers - stamens

When you start making the elements to look like as they should, maybe you will see that you need some parts only white. This happens with me.

paper flowers

Do not worry mixing in only white layers – sometimes this helps to improve the other element’s colours.

paper flowers

When you finish with the both sides, use the black marker to make some elements more visible or to make more elements.

easy paper flowers

After this all the elements for the different layers are ready! And you need to make them one flower.

colourful paper flowers

Use small sticks from paper wire and beads to create different stamens. They will keep all the elements together. And after that, make small holes in the centre of every element – in the picture in the place of the black dot.

paper flowers

Keep the sticks together and start stringing the elements onto them.

paper flowers - stamens

The stamens must be first and the other elements after that.

paper flowers - stamens

String all the elements together like this and your flower is almost ready.

paper flowers

Wrap one of the paper wire sticks around the others. As a result this will fix the different layers. If you want to be 100% sure, glue every new layer to the bottom of the previous.

And finally your flower is ready! You can use it also for decorating gift boxes, bottles, other gifts, or as you like! And most of all – don’t forget that your kids will enjoy this flower game!

paper flowers

Craft information

Materials: high quality watercolour paper, acrylic paint, black marker, thin paper wire, beads

Time: 1-2 hours


Maybe you want to see of my paper flowers? Please, visit my Pinterest – ThePaperHeart of Vihra Rowe or the Bougainvillea.

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