RANUNCULUS BOOKMARKS – the bookshelf garden!

About the Ranunculus bookmarks

The Ranunculus bookmarks are inspired by the Ranunculus – such a beautiful flower with so many variations – more than 600! Members of the genus include the buttercups, spearworts, and water crowfoots.

Do you know the The Persian legend about the young prince who always wore green and gold (much like the yellow ranunculus) fell in love with a nymph and sang to her all day and all night. The nymph became so tired of listening to the prince sing, that she turned the prince into a buttercup flower.

As they are a symbol of affection the ranunculus is a very popular centrepiece of modern day bridal bouquets.

(More interesting facts about the ranunculus – HERE)

So, first of all I made these bookmarks especially for the book lovers.

Can you imagine all the bookshelf gardens you can create!

I want to try all the varieties and colours. And it is very difficult to sleep when something is scratching your mind. You wake up in the dark early morning and start cutting, painting and gluing. And the result is another one beauty on the bookshelf.


purple ranunculus bookmarks

ranunculus bookmarks

ranunculus bookmark

orange ranunculus bookmark

yellow ranunculus bookmarks

Craft information about the Ranunculus bookmark

Materials: thin crepe paper, paper wire, glue, acrylic paint

Time to create: one day

The Ranunculus bookmarks you can see also in my SHOP The Paper Heart Design

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