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Crepe paper Peony headpiece

This text was inspired by a lady who bought my coffee filter Peony hairclip tutorial. She asked me if it is possible to create a crepe paper Peony the same way and with the same purpose. My answer was: of course it is possible, but there are some difference because of the different type of… Continue reading

Super easy DIY tulips

In this article I will show you the easiest (maybe) way to create paper tulips. They are great for craft time with your children, for school projects and for all those rainy days, when we have to stay at home… especially in the last few months. I really believe that this Stay-at-Home time not only… Continue reading

How to make your own cotton flowers

Cotton flowers are one of the best decorations for winter, for a baby shower, for a wedding and especially for a winter wedding. Actually, they are great for every purpose – because of their soft white cotton buds, which symbolize purity, wealth and wellbeing.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find them every time we… Continue reading