Crepe paper Rosehip – Part II: Making the whole branch

In the previous article, I started showing  you an easy way to create a crepe paper Rosehip branch. And the text become too long, so I decided to end it with the flowers. Now I will show you how to make the greenery, which is the other 50% of the Rosehip’s everlasting beauty.

Making the Rosehip leaves

Making a single leaf is actually one of the easiest things in the world of paper greenery. To make a single rosehip leaf you need one square piece of crepe paper – between 1” and 2” on a side. Cut it diagonally and turn one of the cut pieces upside down. See, the crepe paper triangles’ lines now look like a leaf shape.

how to make crepe paper Rosehip leaves

Then glue these two pieces together along the longer side of the two triangles. Be careful to keep the leaf shape of the parts.

making Rose hip leaves from crepe paper

Cut off the unnecessary tops of the glued line on the back side and you will produce a cute little rosehip leaf.

DIY spring Rosehip branch - how to

The only “problem” here is that you will need to make a lot of these leaves – some bigger, some smaller. The smaller ones will challenge your patience, but if you persevere, the result in the end will be great.

Using toothed fabric scissors, shape the leaves as shown below. Try to make little cuts and repeat them many times to not have big triangular cuts, but lots of little ones!

Spring Rose hip leaves from crepe paper

Connecting the Rosehip leaf stems

When all your leaves are shaped, use thin florists wire to make the stems. I am using a 0.6mm diameter one. You can also use any very thin wire from the hardware shop, just cover it first with paper, to be easier to stick. Also this will cover the original colour of the wire, which could be an electric wire in green, red, yellow or blue.

DIY Rosehip branch - using crepe paper, wire and glue

Put glue on the folded line of the back side of the leaf.

how to connect the wire to the crepe paper leaf

And then glue the wire along this line and press the paper with your fingers to secure it.

connecting the wire stem to the crepe paper leaf

Making the Rosehip leaf branch

After all your leaves have their stems, it is time to connect them all together and to create the branch.

Start with 3 leaves – one smaller and two bigger ones. Connect them together with paper string as shown.

connecting all the crepe paper Rosehip leaves together to create a branch

Then connect another two (a bit bigger) in the same way. And then some new ones…

how to make a Rosehip branch from crepe paper

The adding is easy, just put the new leaves a bit lower than the previous ones.

realistic crepe paper spring Rose hip branch

Working like this and adding the bigger leaves last, you will create a very realistic rosehip leaf branch.

Rosehip branch from crepe paper - DIY

There is a little secret here. If you want to give your leaves the glossy look of real rosehip leaves, cover them with your PVA glue, using a brush, but no water.

Final steps

When you have a few branches and also all the flowers, it is time to connect them together.

Just add the flowers to some of the leaf branches and then connect these branches together. The more branches you have, the bushier your rosehip will be. In this way (and with longer and thicker wire pieces) you can create a whole big rosehip bush!

to finish the stem of the branch will help you the unused pieces of paper cuts

To finish the stem and cover the places where the branches are connected, use paper strings made from the pieces of paper which you didn’t use already. This will save you some materials and money.

use paper string from unused crepe paper pieces to make the stem smooth

And when all the bumpy areas are covered and the rosehip stem looks smooth, cover it with your green paper – the same way you’d do it with the strings.

crepe paper Rose hip branch - DIY craft project

And in the end, I will give you as s present one additional idea – with a rosehip like this you can create not only a home decoration or a bouquet, but also a wonderful floral tiara for your daughter. Or, why not for yourself?

Enjoy your craft time!

spring Rosehip branch tiara
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