Spring home decoration

Easy paper Honeysuckle flower construction

cardboard paper Honeysuckle flower

Last year, for my Birthday, my sister gave me one of the best crafty gifts ever – the beautiful and very inspiring book Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers. The author, Jessica Roux, is a very…

Easy Spring blossom tutorial

Easy Spring blossom tutorial

Spring is moving towards early Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the beautiful flowers disappear from the cherry, apple, pear, plum and others from this family of trees. Looks like it was yesterday, when, enjoying my short quarantine bounce to…

Every season crocus

every season crocus

Do you have flowers you love and enjoy every time? I have. And one of them are crocuses. And I don’t like cut flowers. They are sad, will die soon and with this will also die the message they are…