Crepe paper Rosehip branch

Crepe paper Rosehip branch – Part I: Making the flowers

Rosehips are among the beauties of our Earth. These months – May and June, my eyes can’t get enough of their delicate charm. Sadly, their little white flowers will soon start disappearing from the fields. This is why I decided to make a little Rosehip blossom branch for home decoration.

If you want to follow me, here is how…

First you need light green, dark green, yellow and white crepe paper. I prefer to work with Italian crepe paper, 180 grams, but you can also use 140 grams and I will tell you how to thicken the elements a bit. You will also need a PVA glue, pieces of flower wire or just wire from the hardware store, little pliers, scissors and a brush. These little pegs also can be helpful, if you – like me – are not very patient and want to cut some elements on a banch.

How to make the Rosehip flowers

DIY crepe paper Rosehip branch - the materials you need

From the white paper cut 5 narrow petals with the shape shown on the photo below.

Crepe paper Rosehip

Put some PVA glue on a white plate and gently cover the top of the petals with the glue. Do not put too much, just smear it. The petals will open a bit, which will help you later with the shaping. About the white plate: I am always using a white porcelain plate as a palette for colouring my flowers. On one hand I can see the exact colours and have enough space to mix them and to colour the paper pieces. On the other hand, using a simple white plate from one of my kitchen sets, makes me wash it after every project. You know how most palettes get covered more and more with layers on layers of colours. I don’t like this and it makes it hard to work.

After covering with the PVA glue, leave the white petals to dry.

DIY Rosehip flower from crepe paper

When the petals are dry, you can sculpt them with your fingers, by gently stretching the paper. The glue makes the paper a bit less stretchy and thicker – for me these two factors combine very well to help defining the shape of the fragile petals.

Do not worry if you need to trim the flowers to give them the exact shape of the petals you want. It is also good if you make some of them a little bit “torn” on the edges. This will give your flowers a more realistic look.

How to make a Rosehip from paper - shaping the petals

The Rosehip stamens

The Rosehip stamens are difficult to make because they are very fragile and thin. So, I decided to skip the hard work a little bit…

First, of course, I had to make the stem of the flower. For this I used a piece of the wire and twisted the top with the round pliers. The twisting is to provide an anchor for the flowers and also so no one will be scratched, or something even worse, by the sharp end of the wire. It also prevents the petals from sliding off when you glue them.

Making a crepe paper Rosehip flower

Fold in two a rectangular piece of olive green or yellow paper and glue it around the top of the wire as shown.

DIY Rosehip branch

Then make the long stamens by cutting fringes on another rectangular piece…

Making a Rosehip branch

… roll, twist and press them between your fingers…

How to make a Rosehip branch from crepe paper - press the stamens between your fingers

… open them gently and glue them around the green core of the stamens.

paper Rosehip stamens

Let’s fix the petals…

Glue the white petals around the stamens. They must overlap as shown:

when glue the Rosehip petals, they must overlap a bit

The result must be like this:

after gluing the petals, the Rosehip flower will look like this

Then cut five little dark green leaves and glue them around the white ones.

fixing the petals of the paper Rosehip flower

Cover and tighten the little green leaves by gluing a strip of the same green paper around them. Also cover the whole stem of the flower.

You can make as many of these white flowers as you want. The more you have, the bushier your Rosehip branch will be…

Making a crepe paper Rosehip branch

It looks like this article is going to be too long, so I will continue with the greenery in the next one. I hope until then you will have enough time to make a lots of white flowers for your beautiful crepe paper Rosehip branch decoration.

Happy crafting! Be safe and inspired!

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