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In this article I will show you the easiest (maybe) way to create paper tulips. They are great for craft time with your children, for school projects and for all those rainy days, when we have to stay at home… especially in the last few months. I really believe that this Stay-at-Home time not only saves people’s lives, but also improves our craft knowledge and mental health. Yes, I know, a lot of people are complaining that the lockdown is bad for their mental health, but I don’t believe this. The 14 days of our family’s full quarantine after we landed in Europe, were the most inspiring and the most crafty ones I’ve spent for a long time. Every day I was finishing a new craft project – trying something new – from cooking, through crocheting to the paper crafts.

This Easy DIY tulips project was one of these that I am talking about. It was inspired by another crafty friend of mine, who was in lockdown in Spain, creating wonderful textile decorations…

crepe paper tulip DIY

So… How to make these Super easy DIY tulips?

You need crepe paper in red (orange, yellow, white, purple…), green and black, paper wire and universal glue.

The spots you see on the paper I made by spraying with bleach. This is one of my favourite “colouring” techniques these days. Now I have bleach at home (normally I don’t use it in my housekeeping) and for my crafty brain it is a craft supply. And it works great on crepe paper. Just need to leave it for one day after spraying, until the smell disappears.

crepe paper for easy tulip flower project

Cut one little square from the crepe paper…

bleach the crepe paper to create interesting colour effects

… and fold it in 4.

easy tulip paper project

At the point, where the fold lines cross, make a very small hole. Small enough for the paper wire to move through. Don’t forget this is a stretchy paper and use a needle, don’t cut it. Otherwise, the hole will become too big and the tulip will not look good.

how to make crepe paper tulips - easy DIY project

With a piece of paper napkin or toilet paper, make a little soft ball.

super easy DIY tulips

Glue the ball on the top of the paper wire as shown in the photo below. The black paper is not compulsory and it is not even necessary to be crepe paper. You can just glue the serviette ball by covering it with another serviette and then paint in black. Or not. For me, the black gives a better “tulip” appearance to the flower – remember all those black spots in the bottom of the tulip petals…

how to make crepe paper tulip flower - easy projects for kids crafts

The most important part

When the black “head” is made, thread it through the little hole. I suggest also to glue it around the area where the hole is.

how to make crepe paper tulip

Then stretch a bit the paper and glue both sides exactly in the place shown on the photo.

DIY crepe paper tulip

You have already made two tulip petals!

super easy crepe paper tulip project

Then glue them the same way on the other two opposite sides of the crepe paper. And your tulip flower head is ready!

easy DIY crepe paper tulip decoration

Making the stem

Making the stem

Actually, we already have the stem – this is the paper wire. But you know, tulips have thick stems and it is time to make this one look thicker and better. Cut some green crepe paper strips and wrap the paper wire as shown. Glue and twist, glue and twist until it covers all the wire. Maybe you will have to make more than one layer. Don’t worry if the paper ribbon tears. This happens even to the best flower artists. Just glue it and keep wrapping.

how to make a crepe paper tulip - kids friendly project

When this step is completed, cut a long pointy shape for the tulip’s leaf.

making crepe paper tulip

Twist the leaf by pulling it between your thumb and the scissors blade. Don’t press too hard! If you press too much, two things can happen: first, you can cut your thumb and second, you can tear the paper leaf. Or both. So be careful and gently pull it on.

crepe paper tulip - making the leaf

Then glue the leaf on the bottom of your tulip’s stem.

how to DIY crepe paper tulip flower

And your tulip is ready. This way you can easily create a huge number of tulips in every colour you want. Even black ones!

crepe paper tulip flowers

Enjoy your craft time and be safe!

Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful day!

Be safe!

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