Easy candle glass decoration - the little rose wreath

Easy candle glass decoration

For me, one of the most important things in our lives is… to live it. To have attention to every moment, to every – even simple – activity. Like dinner or breakfast. I know, we are all busy, looks like time is flying faster and faster and sometimes mornings (and very often the diners) are not the proper time to practice mindfulness. But why not to try. I know a lot of people who are having their dinners in front of the TV, losing the precious moment of being together. We are listening international new, full of other people’s stories, watching movies with beautiful relations and dreaming to have life like this… and we are missing it…

It is so romantic to have candle dinner, isn’t it? And so easy! Even in the cases when the only view can be the ugly wall of the neighbour building. Actually, who cares about the neighbour’s wall, when we have one candle, one light spot to focus our conversation, and our life together?

DIY candle glass decoration

In our short time in this world why not make every moment beautiful?

So, why not to start with the small things? A little candle decoration. You even don’t need a special candle – a cheap one in a simple glass will do the same job if you have this also simple and easy to make decoration.

Put your lipstick and choose the paper

I suggest to work with crepe paper, because it is easy and will not take you a lot of time to make these flowers. Crepe paper with good quality is strong, easy to stretch and difficult to tear apart. For this project you can also use pre-coloured crepe paper. You will be using the decoration mostly not under the sunlight, so the colours will not fade faster.

crepe paper for paper flowers - Easy candle glass decoration

Cut from the chosen paper strings, long about 10 cm (about 4 inches) and wide about 2 cm (or 1 inch).

step by step tutorial how to easily DIY candle glass decoration with crepe paper flowers

A little bit of sewing and glueing

Now you need a thick cotton thread and a needle. Make a running stitch in the middle line of the paper string as shown:

how to make small paper flowers for candle glass decoration

Then stretch and twist the paper edges in both sides with your fingers and tighten the thread.

sewing little paper flowers

Fold on two on the line of the running stitch and curl the string. Your result must look like this shape:

sewing paper flowers for DIY candle decoration

Then tighten the thread more to have no holes in the bottom and glue it with hot silicone glue and little round paper shape. I prefer to use hot silicone, because this is the fastest way to fix the paper and to hare ready flower.

how to make little crepe paper flowers

When the bottom is glued, you must have this flower shape – a little rose.

little paper rose (or carnation) for floral candle glass decoration

Putting the candle decoration together

Now you have a bunch of flowers…

DIY candle decoration - very easy

Glue them with the same hot silicone in a textile ribbon. It is good to choose a wide ribbon, because otherwise the construction will be not stable enough. Also, glue the flowers very close to each other, as close as possible. If you don’t do this, when the wreath follows the round shape of the glass, there will be holes, visible between the flowers. Not nice!

Easy candle glass decoration - the little rose wreath

Then wrap your little wreath around the glass candle and tighten the ribbon. And your candle wreath will be ready! After not longer than a half an hour work. When not using it, you can also keep it in your drawer in a  closed shape, to be easy just to put it around the candle when necessary.

Enjoy your craft time! ♥

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