finished crepe paper yellow pelargonium in metal flower pot with white stones

How to make crepe paper Pelargonium flower

I love Pelargonium flowers! Absolutely love them! Probably it is a kind of inherited addiction of the women in our family. Every one of us has always had a strong passion to grow different types and colours. In my childhood, all the terraces were full of pots with Pelargoniums, now my home’s balcony is full of their bright heads, as is my sister’s home too. I am telling you, this is a family addiction.
crepe paper orange-yellow Pelargonium

A few years ago, I decided to find all possible colours of Pelargonium. All the reds, whites, pinks and oranges were no problem to buy and grow. But the yellow one – no. It is apparently the most rare. All the flower shops I tried, including online ones, didn’t have it. I signed up to lots of waiting lists, until one day I decided, while waiting, just to make one for myself.

The flower head of Pelargonium

There are different ways, of course, but the easiest is with crepe paper. I promise, that later I will show you another one – with watercolour paper. But for now – follow these steps.
First, cut some little rectangles and make small petals with the shape shown. I am using not bright white paper, but pink. First it doesn’t “burn” on the photos and second the pink base gives me the possibility to easily add more colour nuances later.
pink crepe paper on light blue background
I prefer colouring the petals with the Watercolour marker technique, but you can use acrylic paint or pastels. The problem is that even the best quality crepe paper fade with time, so this water-colouring is an experiment. How long will the colours survive? Let’s see…
crepe paper pelargonium petals, coloured with watercolour markers
When the petals are ready, I glued them on a piece of paper wire.
yellow pelargonium petal on paper wire stem
Because the Pelargonium flower heads look a little bit like Hydrangea flower heads, I had to make a lot of petals and glue them to a lot of little wires. Or at least not less than 7 wires with not less than 7 petals each.
pelargonium flower
Some of the flowers I made open, some of the flowers I made more closed, to give a more realistic look to the flower.
paper pelargonium closed flower
After that I connected all the wires together into one flower head.
peper pelargonium flower head

The leaves

If the time to make the petals made you a bit nervous, you’ll find that the leaves will be fast and easy. For this project, I am using factory coloured paper to which I will add more nuances again with watercolour markers. If you are doing this flower only as an experiment or for temporary use only, it is ok to use industrial coloured crepe paper. In all other cases, I suggest colouring your paper with acrylic paint.
It is better to colour the petals after you cut and glue the shapes, not in this step.
For one Pelargonium leaf, I cut 3 rectangular pieces of green crepe paper…
3 green crepe paper rectangles for making leaves
… and shape two of them as shown in the picture.
making pelargonium leaves from green crepe paper
The third petal I cut in two parts…
making crepe paper pelargonium leaves
…to make the edges of the curly Pelargonium leaf.
making crepe paper pelargonium leaves, by gluing together 3 paper shapes
Then glue all the parts together like sewing textile pieces.
how to glue together the leaf parts
The result must be something like this.
gluing together all the parts of the leave
After this I glued all the long leaf pieces around a paper wire “stem”.
twisting the leaf around green paper wire
Not too tight so it’s possible to open the leaf later.

For a small plant with only one flower head I made only 3 leaves like this.

Final touches

As I said before, I used some green water and alcohol-based markers to give more nuances to the leaves and to make them look more realistic.
adding more colours to the leaf. using alcohol based green marker
After that I connected everything together – the flower head and the leaves, using a thin “ribbon” from the same green crepe paper.
connecting together the flower head and the leaves
Then opened the leaves and adjusted the flowers to look like a real plant. In this process I tore one of the green leaves.
I unexpectedly tore apart one of the leaves
Don’t worry if something like this happens to you too. Just cut the paper, following the line of the tear. Actually, this can make the leaf look more realistic.
fixing the leaf by cutting the destroyed part
And your crepe paper Pelargonium is ready.
finished paper pelargonium
Now you need only some soil or sand and little pot to “plant” it.
finished crepe paper yellow pelargonium in metal flower pot with white stones

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