Pencils for school Princesses and I wanna be at school!

This year the “back to school” wave totally caught me! Previous years were also exciting, but being the mother of a boy, doesn’t make for huge fun with decoration. Having my little niece in first class this year, was very different. I am still embellishing pencils, pens and all the stationary you can imagine. So, I would like to introduce to you Pencils for school Princesses!

pencils, decorated with pompoms, hearts and ribbon bows

This pencil decoration for little school Princesses is very easy and fast to make. You need colourful paper (better 200 g than thinner), pencils, glitter foam or paper, ribbons and knitting wool, universal glue and hot silicone glue.

pencils and coloured paper

Cut rectangles from the colourful paper and shape then in the middle around the pencils you will use. This is important, maybe the most important thing, because it will show you exactly where to put the glue later.

coloured paper rectangles twisted around pencils

Make pompoms from the wool…

pompoms and paper rectangles

… and little embellishments with laces, hearts, crowns and all the shiny glittery elements you can create.

paper embellishment with paper lace, heart and golden cardboard crown - pencils for school princesses

With the hot silicone glue fix some little glitter stars on the pompoms. Attention! Although it is important the element to be held firmly until the silicone dries, be very careful not to burn your fingers.

glitter foam stars glued on the pompom with hot silicone - pencils for school princesses

Glue – again with the hot silicone – the pompoms on the top of the pencils. I put hot silicone on the top of the pencil and immediately stick the pompom on, pressing hard for not less than 10 seconds.

fixing the pompom with hot silicone glue

And after that add the other decorative elements. The paper flags fixed with the universal glue. I was very careful to put glue also in the round part of the shapes, because there the flags will be connected to the pencil. Little silver stars I glued also with universal glue, but the paper hearts and the ribbons – with hot silicone.

And the pencils for school Princesses were ready! Less than 30 minutes, while the lunch was warming in the oven and I was talking with my son about his first days at University. My point here is: we always can make time to prepare little gifts for the people we love. The months before Christmas are very good for this. Instead of buying, we can show our love and attention by creating something with our hands.

Of course, these pencils will not wait until Christmas, but I will definitely make some for Christmas wishes too. With a lot of white, green, red, gold and silver!

decorated pencils for school princesses

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