Christmas embellishments in turquoise, red, pink and gold with cookie and snowflake shapes

Cookie inspired Christmas paper embellishments

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, it is. But in the last decades the spirit of the holiday has disappeared behind the crazy shopping for food and presents. Do you really think your children need so many toys? I think they need more of the “old fashioned” emotional time with their parents and their relatives, preparing Christmas decorations. When My Grandmother was already almost 90, one of the things she remembered best from her childhood was exactly this – how she and her mother were making the Christmas decorations for the table and for their Christmas tree.

finished gingerbread cookie inspired Christmas paper embellishments

How to make these Capsule inspired Capsule Christmas embellishments… It is funny, but these were actually inspired by my last Christmas cookies. You might find a different inspiration.

Christmas gingerbread cookies with red, blue and white decoration with some glitter

I call them Capsule, because they are along the lines of my idea of the Capsule Craft Collection in which the crafter prepares almost all the materials themselves. So, you need white watercolour paper (250 g), markers (alcohol based and non-alcohol based), water and gold of glitter cardboard.

Cut some elements. Here I am using my Sizzix Big shot machine and Sizzix Christmas ornament and Sizzix snowflake dies.

snowflake paper die on white watercolour paper

You also can use the whole form of some of the dies to create more shapes, as shown:

scissors and paper snowflake shape cut
… which you can cut with scissors later.

When all the elements are ready, organise them together. This will give you an idea of how many embellishments you will have at the end. And also, which colours to use and where.

organized together details from white watercolour paper


For the colouring I am using only markers and water.

watercolour and alcohol based markers in turquoise, red and pink and container brush

I am drawing some lines around the different shapes with the markers…

drawing with brown and blue markers on paper cookie shapes

And, with the water container brush, spreading the colours around whole the element. Especially on the brown ones I combine two colours – one ginger and one dark brown to create this look of something baked.

watercolouring the marker strokes from the previous photo

For these, which I want to be with very bright, strong colours, I am using the alcohol based markers.

heart and flower shape, coloured with alcohol based markers in strong red and orange-red

After organizing the elements by colour I then decide how many glitter or gold embellishments will be needed.

glitter and golden paper snowflakes

The best part

The best part, of course, is putting all the elements together! To make them look more like cookies and to give them more volume, I am using little cardboard or foam pieces.

putting together the coloured elements

In this process, some elements are changing their places, some I decide not to use… But in the end the embellishments are ready. Imagine what a wonderful celebration it will be when you make these with your kids. Or why not the whole family? The cold (or not warm) weekend afternoons in December are better to be spent like this than running around shopping. You can also use these embellishments to decorate your gift packs with Christmas ginger breads. I am sure all your relatives and friends will be excited and thankful – deeply appreciating the time you spent to make their Christmas beautiful. So, less money and much less effort than all that shopping and you know, very often, the best way to show our love is through the time we spend on and with each other.


finished gingerbread cookie inspired Christmas paper embellishments

Capsule Craft collection idea is a minimalist idea about your craft space. If you are curious about, you can read my article about or my book. Have fun, save money and time!

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