Rock gem embellishments

As a little girl, one of my favourite places to go was the “Earth and Humans” Museum in the city I was born in. It was full of amazing stones and crystals from all over the planet and even from meteorites and from the Moon. Amazing! Actually, it is still one of my favourite places.

scrapbook embellishments in blue, pink, red and golden

It is interesting that I am not so excited by diamonds, but rock crystals make me absolutely fall in love every time I see them. So, inspired by them, I decided to make some embellishments – for greeting cards, journals and planners.

How to make rock gem embellishments

It takes time, but the process is exciting. First, following the Capsule Craft philosophy, I used my favourite watercolour marker technique and drew some coloured scratches on a sheet of white watercolour paper. (If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you don’t know that less than a year ago I drastically changed my working behaviour. This decision saved me money and fed my imagination. If you are curious about it – check my Craft detox article).

watercolour markers and a container brush, coloured small scribbles in brown, orange, blue, green, yellow...

Second, with a watercolour brush I made the colour scratches real watercolour spots. The great thing is you can mix two or three colours and blend them into very attractive combinations. For this step, I used one of my favourite water container brushes. I absolutely love them! A lot of people make a huge amount of money by selling them, but almost no one knows the name of their creator – Chihiro Tanaka. Searching with his name you can find the original video where he explains how the brush works. I will only say they are great for kids, and for eliminating the possibility of putting your brush in your coffee, not in the water jar. And – also – they’re great for working everywhere; in a coffee shop or even in an airplane.

watercolouring the coloured scribbles

When the watercolour dries, you can write a message on the coloured piece. If you are in a hurry, you can speed up the process by drying the paper in your microwave oven for half a minute or as needed.

white watercolour paper with blue-brown watercolour spot and written "Love the rain", also a glass ink pen

Of course, if you’re not that into calligraphy, you can also stamp something nice, either words or just an image. But why not combine a stamp and a handwritten short word? Every single personal element gives more value to your message. Especially if you are making greeting cards or embellishments for someone else. When the writing is done, cut the shape, but keep a thin white border, as shown.

watercolour spots with stamps "love", "you are wonderful", "love you" etc...

You can also stick a little handwritten detail onto a stamped one.

handwritten detail, stuck on a stamped one

Embellish the embellishments!

When you have all the elements ready, just glue them on gold or glitter cardboard or foam. Wait a bit until the glue dries, because very often most glues need more time to stick on the glitter foam. After the glue is dry, cut the golden background around as shown:

You can also add some little golden or glitter details as hearts, flowers or glitter glue dots:

ready rock gem embellishments

And your Rock gem embellishments are ready! See, it is not very difficult. Yes, it takes time, but the final result is wonderful!

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