total scrapbooking

Total scrapbooking

Total scrapbooking is something like Total war, but in a very nice, creative way.

total scrapbooking

You know I am a huge fan of real scrapbooking – when you use all the paper (and other materials) “things” around you and create greeting cards, notebooks or art. Actually, for me, this creative way is real art. And if we have eyes to see all these amazing craft materials before they disappear in the black hole of the rubbish bin – we are real artists.
Someone said that “rubbish is a lack of creativity” and – oh! – I sign on under this with both hands!

Expect the unexpected

If you have seen my blog before then you know – I make paper flowers. And because I am painting their paper petals one by one, I am using thin cardboard sheets to dry the petals on. Over time these cardboard sheets start looking like real designer paper. Chance makes them absolutely unique, like this one:

total scrapbooking
I have a lot of these papers – drying sheets, old palettes (often I am using paper plates), and cardboard sheets that I am using for and as a base for blending different details.
And when my new Heartfelt creations 3D Rose Shaping Mold came, I already knew that I will use these paper treasures for making some unique paper flowers.
First, using my favourite
From the rest of the paper pieces, I cut some small leaves scrapbooking
Following the instructions of how to use the
3D Rose Shaping mold, I put the flower shapes in the scrapbooking
Doing this, in just a few minutes I had already a lot of scrapbooking flower scrapbooking

Heartfelt Creations

The pizza base

Maybe you will laugh at me, but even so I will share a small secret with you. I love pizza boxes! The clean parts of the cardboard are great for every scrapbooking project! I am making 3D levels with them and very often they have interesting decorations which I can use in my work.
So, as you see – this is a piece of clean cardboard from a pizza scrapbooking
To make this pizza cardboard piece look more interesting, I scratched the edges and blended the corners. You can read about my favourite DIY blending instruments and techniques here: ANZAK paper poppy flower wreath. It is impossible to travel with all my craft gear all the time, so I am creating my own variations of the instruments I use most.

total scrapbooking
More scrapbooking pieces

The paper pieces you see in this photo are from the same cardboards bases I was talking about before. I cut some shapes and glued them on a watercolour cardboard sheet with already blended and scratched edges.

total scrapbooking
Of course, it is possible to use another one of my paper treasures, but I wanted to have a little bit lighter “frame” around the pizza base.
The flowers are the easiest flowers I ever made! I just glued together a few 3D shaped elements and twisted them with my fingers. For the stamens I used some small golden beads.

total scrapbooking
Another thing I absolutely love about the leaves, shaped with the 3D Rose Shaping Mold, is that I don’t need to twist my fingers when drawing the leaf lines. My hand is just following the shapes of the paper – I can do it even in a very dark room, believe me!

Final touches

Nothing special, only some dots with white and grey marker. And nothing more! The greeting card is already finished.
It took me around 15 minutes to make it – from the first moment to the end including the time to make some pictures with my iPhone (about iPhones and scrapbooking I promise you another article). And I still have lots of flowers which can use for other projects and greeting cards. Actually, I am not sure this creature will be a greeting card…maybe I will put it in a frame, and enjoy my total scrapbooking art hanging on the wall.

Heartfelt Creations
total scrapbooking

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