Easy lace label frames for box lovers

As a woman, I am a lace lover. But I am a paper lover and a box lover too. Love boxes. Have a lot at home – different sizes, different colours, different shapes.

 lace label frames
For years and years I was buying one special label of biscuits not only because of their taste, but also because of their wonderful and easy to store metal boxes.

Of course, I have a “mission” for all these boxes – I am using them to keep all my craft materials and instruments. And because these materials and instruments include beads, ribbons, felt, wool, paper pieces, cardboard pieces, stamps, inks, pencils, markers, dies, watercolours, brushes, scissors, glues… and more, and more… I need more boxes!

But there is a small problem – some of the boxes are the same design and size so, sometimes in the past I was looking for my scissors, but was taking the box with the pencils… Very annoying, especially if the idea, just born in my head, is trying to escape.

Of course, labels are the easiest way. But not just any labels. My work space at home is very small and I am trying to keep in nice, tidy and cute.

The Making of the Label lace frames

First, with my faithful hard working Sizzix Big shot machine I cut some paper lace.

lace label frames
I decided to make different designs to help my visual memory. Actually every crafter has this visual memory blessing, which also helps us to find the exact detail or instrument in the chaos of our working spaces.

lace label frames
Using a washable transparent glue, I connected the pieces of lace as small rectangles.

lace label frames
After that I put transparent glue on the edges of the lace rectangle. Here, in this picture, they are in pink to show the exact area for the glue.

lace label frames
Keeping in mind that the edges are to be glued, I cut a small label so it will fit inside the lace frame.

lace label frames
But before putting the label in the lace frame, I glued the frame on the box as a “pocket”.

lace label frames
After that I wrote on the label what is in the box…

lace label frames
…and put it in the “pocket”.

lace label frames
So, it is no difficult. Actually it is pretty easy to become so organized. It is elegant, it is feminine and looks cute – especially on a box with hardware instruments. Funny, no one will expect this, will they?

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