Easy to make pocketed gift tags

Do you like gift tags? I love them. Big or small, simple or elaborately even overly decorated… Actually there is no such thing as an “overly decorated gift tag”. It is amazing how, in so little space, you can create and say so many “words”.

colourful figt tags with pockets and hearts in the pocket

The best thing with gift tags is that you can use even the smallest pieces of paper in your craft collection. I started doing exactly this in the process of creating my huge paper… um… carefully chosen selection of lovely, beautiful pieces, which I didn’t want to use, because of their beauty. If you read my blog often, probably you have seen the article about the Capsule craft collection. Or my book – Capsule Craft Collection.

But this is not the point now. As I was saying – the best thing with gift tags is that you can be a real, absolutely real scrapbooker!

The easiest way is to start with a piece of good quality cardboard. (I am so often talking about using good quality materials, because it matters.) And with this piece of paper you will make an easy cut, you can use many, many times.

Making the pocket

You don’t need to be a mathematician. Just consider the size of the tag, by putting it on the piece of paper…

white paper gift tag on red background

…and draw around the shape. Decide what angle you will use for the pocket.

gift tag pocket drawings on a red paper cardboard

And cut the shape.

gift tag pocket shape in red

For me, the best way to make the perfect shape for your pocket is, after cutting, to “cover” the tag with the pocket shape. This will help you to be sure of the fold lines.

After the shape is properly measured and you are sure about the lines, cut some pockets from the paper pieces you like. 

And even though you are sure about the mother-shape, it is not bad to check the lines and the folds of each pocket with the tag.

covering the tag with the pocket shape

Cut the top angles a little bit more to not be visible.

deeply cut the top angles to be not visible

Put some glue on the folded parts…

glue outside of the folded pocket shapes

… and glue the pocket onto the tag. You can do this even with paper lace.

And the main part of your job is done!

An idea

For your gift tag you can use any piece of wool, leather string, ribbon or thread which is long enough. I will show you my favourite. Make a little bow in the ribbon (cut it a bit longer than usual) and burn the edges with a lighter so they don’t fray.

pink ribbon bow

Put the bow in the tag as shown.

pink ribbon bow on a gift tag

Use a very small amount of a transparent glue to fix the ribbon on the back side – so it doesn’t move.

glue the ribbon on the back with transparent glue

The decoration

This is not absolutely essential, because you can decide to have simple pocketed gift tags with no decorations. But I think will be nice to put a little or big heart inside the pocket. Actually, if it’s only one heart, make it big. Alternatively you can make many small hearts and hide them in the pocket together with your message.

Sizzix big shot wit metal heart dies and red paper

I decided to make big hearts, using my beloved Sizzix Big shot machine which – for more than 5 years – is the best piece of equipment I ever bought!

After that you can play with some washi tape or paper lace and more elaborately decorate your pocketed gift tags. Do you remember, I told you there is no such thing as an “overly decorated gift tag”. Enjoy!

pocketed gift tags and hearts

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craft hoarding ebook

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