pocket tag greeting card with paper scrapbook embelishments

Easy scrapbook paper embellishments

If you are following The Paper Heart blog, you know my idea about a Capsule craft collection. And how inspiring it is for me to work and experiment with a purposely limited number of craft materials and tools. So, you know how much I am advocating buying less to create more for yourself.

pocket greeting card with paper embellishments

In this article I will show you how easy it is to make paper scrapbook embellishments using limited, only white, watercolour paper and a limited number of tools.

The most important and essential tool here is my Sizzix Big shot machine, and I don’t think there is a paper crafter or scrapbooker, who doesn’t already have this or a similar machine. Hm… If I am honest, I will tell you I have heard of an alternative using embossing folders and metal dies with a dough rolling pin. But even for me and my “buy fewer instruments and repurpose them” philosophy, this is a bit strange. So, in a desperate situation, ok, use the rolling pin, but if you want to create something more serious, the Big Shot or similar is a must. I prefer a mechanical, not an electric one – you know, sometimes the electricity stops unexpectedly in a very inconvenient moment. Okay, it doesn’t happen often but why risk it?

So, first I am cutting some shapes. As I already said, you can cut them by hand too, but, come on,  this is the XXIst century!

Sizzix Big shot machine and floral dies

The next step is to use some embossing folders to create beautiful flower shapes.

embossed floral white paper shapes

After that, using simple bright coloured highlighters (in my case the Faber-Castel Textliners) and my favourite handmade blending tools I am putting some colours in the shapes to emphasise them.

embossed paper butterflies, flowers and hearts, turquoise textliner and blending tool from cork and sponge

The great thing is that you can use the highlighters with all available colours and mix them. Also, it will be helpful to have simple brown and black markers or a black ink pad. Black by itself is enough. If you have markers or highlighters, you don’t need a whole collection of inks.

coloured embossed paper butterfly

Stamp some miniature shapes in the elements you’ve already shaded.

embossed and stamped turquoise floral element

I love this “letter” stamp, because it is useful in so many places and gives great covering of the space.

letter stamp and turquoise embossed floral element

After that I am adding glitter glue to give it some shine. You can also use glitter nail polish – it definitely will dry faster than my glue. Actually because glitter glue is drying so slowly, I am drying it in my microwave oven to speed things up.

drying paper embellishments with glitter glue

And after that you only need to put the little elements together! Nothing more! Mix them and glue them! With normal glue!

heart and flower paper embellishment

By mixing and matching the many different size details you have made, you can make many different embellishments!

easy scrapbook paper embellishments

And can use your embellishments on all the gift tags, greeting cards, notebooks, gift wraps and any other place you decide!

pocketed greeting card and paper embellishments

If you are thinking about craft space decluttering and how to improve your craft skills, I recommend checking out my book about Capsule craft collection.

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