Easter embellishments

Easter paper stories

how to create wonderful games with simple Easter egg printables or drawings

In these sad days I am offering you a cute and easy “last minute” creative idea for a lot of family fun during Easter. You know, laughter makes the celebration, not the food and the drinks. So why not try…

Rescue. Easter. Crafts

Easter cookies inspired paper embellishments and a greeting card

These days, being under lockdown, a lot of us feel like don’t have enough materials to craft and to embellish the moments of this forced home stay. But actually e, the paper crafters, have great opportunity not only to rescue…

Easy scrapbook paper embellishments

pocket tag greeting card with paper scrapbook embelishments

If you are following The Paper Heart blog, you know my idea about a Capsule craft collection. And how inspiring it is for me to work and experiment with a purposely limited number of craft materials and tools. So, you…