how to create wonderful games with simple Easter egg printables or drawings

Easter paper stories

In these sad days I am offering you a cute and easy “last minute” creative idea for a lot of family fun during Easter. You know, laughter makes the celebration, not the food and the drinks. So why not try these Easter paper stories…

Draw or print some egg pictures and cut them around the shape. I am sure, you can find a lot of ready egg designs online.

Easter paper stories - play with Easter eggs printable cards

A tactics game

Hide them all around the house and create rules, which everyone from the family must keep. For example – not to steal other member’s paper eggs. Or opposite – you can use some military tactics to loot other’s finds… You decide, it depends on your family mood and average age. And, of course, the winner will be the one who finds the most eggs…

Easter paper stories - how to make your own Easter egg board game

Tell a story

Play dominos or scrabble style games. For example: everyone has a certain number of egg-“cards”. The first one puts one egg-“card” on the table and starts a story: “It was early Easter morning…”. The next one is putting his egg-“card” and continues the story: “The garden was full of flowers…”. The third one gives his egg-“card” and keeps telling the story: “… and between the flowers a little bunny was sleeping…”…

how to play a story telling game with printable Easter eggs

Of course, this is the story I made, because I was having these printed eggs, but you can draw chickens, moons, cats and everything you decide…

It is very easy. Here, for example, are some more Easter “paper “stories with the eggs I have:

“A little bunny…” – “…was walking in the meadow…” – “… and unexpectedly saw a huge egg between the flowers…”.

Easter paper story telling games

Allow your children to explore their fantasy and also – I am sure – you will find that you can create great stories just from scratch.

Memory cards

Memory cards are my favourite! I still love playing this game! If you also like it, just print doubled egg designs. You will be surprised how much fun you can create with something so simple as few coloured eggs. Maybe you already have memory cards? Ok. But these ones can be your special Easter board game which connects the whole family.

Easter paper stories

Do not miss the opportunity to laugh and be together! A lot of people are complaining about being in a lockdown these days, but I really believe that the situation is giving us a lesson how to enjoy every moment with simple pleasures. Together.

Stay home, be safe and Happy Easter!

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The Easter egg designs I printed from my little sister’s Etsy shop. She created them to play with her family in the days of their lockdown and then created this wonderful printable product.

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