big triangle pocket bookmarks, decorated with scrapbook paper lace and flowers

Pocket bookmark – why and how

I am a passionate reader, passionate crafter and passionate journaler. Most of my ideas for a better life, for home changes or even for studying new things come while I am reading books or magazines. No matter what I’m reading – a crime novel, love story, nonfiction or a cook book. Always an idea, usually totally unrelated to the topic I am reading, comes into my head making me stop and think.

book with a pocket bookmark and notes and other pieces of paper in the pocket

Now imagine how this happens in children’s minds. The process is more powerful. They are more curious than us. Their rapidly developing brains are made that way. So, why not make something, which will make not only reading easier a more fun, but also will help us retain the new ideas and questions like children. One pocket bookmark can collect more than 10 notes and can be very helpful.

Putting the note in this pocket, the reader, will come back to their question and look for an answer. The pockets are also very good as reminders. Imagine, you know you have to do something or go somewhere. A little note inside the pocket bookmark while you’re reading will be a helpful reminder. I love making lists, but sometimes the piece of paper is too small and after completing some tasks, I have to rewrite the rest which sometimes cause me to miss one or two of my commitments. For example, once I missed a doctor’s appointment for which I had been waiting a month and only because I forgot to rewrite it in the new list page of my journal. Maybe a little note in the book I was reading at the time would have been helpful. Who knows!

How to make a pocket bookmark

It is the easiest thing ever!

First you need a ½ letter size (A5) piece of paper. You can choose any colour, because this will not be for your pocket bookmark, but for the template.

rectangle paper

Fold it to make a square, as shown.

folded rectangle paper to make square

Cut away the unnecessary part to make it square.

making of pocket bookmark

Still keeping it folded, cut the top corners as shown.

shaping the triangle pocket bookmark

Open it and cut it in two equal pieces.

making of pocket bookmark for books and journals

On one of them fold on the dotted lines as below and then cut along the full lines.

pocket bookmark - making the template

On the second one just cut the same area which is folded on the first one.

pocket bookmarks - making the template

Now you will have the two parts of the pocket bookmark – the bottom and the top.

pocket bookmarks - making the template

The real pocket bookmark

Outline the template on colourful paper. It is good for the paper to not be too thin, because it will have a lot of use.

triangle pocket bookmark from paper with a floral design

Glue the top to the folded parts of the bottom. Be careful to put glue all the way to the edges, because if they are not glued, the book’s pages will not go to the bottom of the pocket.

To finish the main work, you can also decorate both sides of the opening part with washi tape. This will also make them stronger.

washi decoration of the pocket bookmark

Of course, you can stop here and your pocket bookmark will be ready, but why not decorate it? Especially if you are making it for yourself or as a present for your daughter, sister or a friend.

The decoration

Even though you are making this pocket bookmark for your husband, son or a boyfriend, decoration is allowed. Why not, for example, put a nice picture of you both? To keep the wonderful memories of you alive even when he is away in an imaginary, literary world.

I will show you my way of decoration. These pocket bookmarks I made for my niece, who is in first class at school this year and already loves to draw and to make little notes in her fantasy language. First, I cut some round elements, using my Sizzix Big shot machine and a floral punch from Fiskars.

Sizzix cutting machine with floral dies and green paper

Maybe it was better to put the decoration inside the triangle pocket bookmark, but I decided to make it different.

pocket bookmarks

So, the lace is showing a bit above the top of the opening.

These days I am absolutely addicted to these round “cake” decorations and am driven to put them everywhere. So, I used them for the pocket bookmark too. And they were ready! Less than half an hour and I had two attractive pocket bookmarks for my niece’s schoolbooks.

decorated pocket bookmark

But this was not enough, I wanted more! So, I made these little glitter dots – with glitter glue.

pocket bookmark decorated with glitter glue

And Tadaaaaaa! The bookmarks were ready. Oh, not immediately, because of the glitter glue. It, as you know, dries very, very slow.

pocket bookmarks

See, it is easy, and you can use these bookmarks for everything and everywhere and also keep some important notes inside. Especially for women, I think they are great for bullet journals, also travel journals and home organizing notebooks. A very convenient place to put all the unsorted receipts, recipes, tickets, coupons…

big triangle pocket bookmarks, decorated with scrapbook paper lace and flowers

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