original hand drawn Christmas paper designs

How to make your own Christmas paper designs

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Despite the cold. It there is a big thick white blanket of snow it’s even better. Despite the snowflakes being so cold when landing on my nose or inside my neck of my pullover…

hand drawn Christmas paper designs

I always start my Christmas preparations in the first days of September. I want to make everything with the proper attention and not be nervous or furiously rushing when the holidays come. That’s why today, I’m showing you this idea of how to make your own Christmas paper designs and so you don’t have to stretch more your already big winter holiday budget.

And also, to try to win you over to the philosophy of creating with less materials – my Capsule Craft Collection idea. (If you are curious or feel like you need a little bit of a craft detox, here is the book ).

A few words about “Why Capsule craft?”

After I created it for myself, my creativity really increased a lot. With very restricted colours and materials I had so many ideas for making my paper designs and decoration elements. And, for now, it works very well – my craft space is not a total mess anymore and I am saving a lot more money and creating, creating creating!

This article will not be long. I am only giving you an idea and showing you an opportunity. Your creativity and imagination will do the rest of the work.


It is easy! Very easy! Just grab some pieces of good quality watercolour paper and red and green markers. You can use any markers, just not alcohol-based ones.

Draw some lines and shapes and mix them with some water. For this I am using a water container brush, which is one of my favourite Capsule Craft Concept instruments.

green and red marker lines on a white watercolour paper, green and red markers, water container brush

With this technique alone you will create unlimited designs.

watercolour paper with watercolour drawn patterns

But I suggest adding some more elements, which, in this case, I am making with Christmas stamps. You can draw them if have enough time and patience.

watercolour painted design with Christmas stamps

Also put some extra dots with a white acrylic marker or a red marker. At this level the red marker can be alcohol-based.

green watercolour background with pine branches stamping and red marker dots

When the acrylic marker dries, you can also draw with golden or silver glitter pen. In this case I didn’t, because I was planning to show you how to make your own Christmas embellishments with the same paper that you created yourself.

Be sure, you will have absolutely original decorations for your Christmas gifts and embellishments. No one will have the same!

original hand drawn Christmas paper designs


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