The very scrapbook pineapple project

I know, for every crafter, and especially for the paper crafters, it is very difficult to throw out pieces of craft material. They all look so useful, so wonderful! Even when piling up in our work spaces and making distracting clutter.

scrapbook pineaple project - a greeting card from scraps finished

In the last few years I started working very carefully to reduce my workspace clutter. I also adopted and created some rules  which keep my craft space clean, organised and “capsule”. But still some scraps from different paper sources make me excited to take them and try something…

So, all the paper pieces in this scrapbook Pineapple project are from scraps. Different bits, saved from the recycling bin in the very last moment. Yes, even trying to keep very minimalist craft space, we are allowed to do this. But there is one main rule – to finish the project immediately! In the same day. Otherwise taking “treasures” back from the bin is strictly forbidden!

Here, for example, you see some of the “materials” I used – a piece of a wallpaper in a colour and style I absolutely dislike, white paper, on which I tried some stamps and parts of a brown paper shopping bag.

pieces of papers I don't actually like

In the second picture is one of my favourite instruments – an old paper tape roll, covered with bubble wrap. I am always keeping some pieces of different sizes bubble wraps, because they make wonderful effects and are tools, which we get absolutely for free.

scrapbook pineapple project - stamping with bubble wrap

So, I stamped some bubbles on the brown paper bag pieces, glued them onto the top of the ugly wall paper and blended a bit, using text highlighters, not inks. This is another one of my favourite techniques (link).

scrapbook pineapple project - blending with markers, not inks

Can you recognise what is in the next picture? Yes, this is an opening string from a paper biscuit box. I am very attracted to these, because they can be used as wonderful decoration elements in every scrapbook project.

scrapbook pineapple project - an opening string from a biscuit paper box

So, see what happens in this stage: two wallpapers with absolutely “not mine” colours and designs, a piece of white lace serviette (the broken part is hidden under the brown bag paper and the grey wallpaper) and a string from a biscuit box. The biscuit box string is blended a bit too, to show the scratches and the wrinkles of the surface.

scrap pieces together

This is the piece of paper, on which I tried the stamps – great design, isn’t it? Instead of going into the rubbish, this one can be a wonderful part of the project:

scrapbook pineapple project - stamped paper

These are two pineapple stamps I made on small pieces of paper instead of throwing them out. The paper was very good, so I decided to save it. I made the stamps and coloured the pineapples with markers and coloured pencils.

coloured and stamped pineapples - scrapbook pineapple project

I also coloured the back of the pineapples, because these parts could be visible from the side.

the back of the stamped pineapples

Then I made some “message” sticker tags, using smaller pieces of good quality paper. I am always doing this. You never know when you will need something like this for your project. So, I collect little pieces of high-quality watercolour paper and in one day when I have time will often make more than 50 little message stamps.

little tags with stamps as "embrace" and "celebrate"

The last step – of course – is to put all the elements together.

scrapbook pineapple project

And tadaaaaa! The very scrapbook pineapple project is done!

I love these challenges. For me this is the real scrapbooking, not when you have to buy already prepared pieces and just stick them together. I hope this project will inspire you to save something from your recycling bin and create something unexpected!

If you are thinking about craft space decluttering and how to improve your craft skills, maybe will be interested to read my books about craft hoarding and capsule craft collection.

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