Teddy Bear scrapbook project

I screwed up.

In the first month of the new year I did all the things I was saying I will NOT do this year.

For example, I said I will not collect designer catalogues with beautiful photos and will immediately send them to the paper recycling bin. Immediately! But the problem is the same which maybe you are also facing almost every day: We see something (or a piece of something) and already know what we must do with it! The whole finished project appears in our heads and it is difficult to stop the process.

Teddy Bear scrapbook project - picture of a white teddy bear tow with resin crown, lace and red hearts with dots

But I didn’t. I cleaned my entire craft space with all the boxes and folders with “treasures” to keep my Capsule Craft promises. And I found this wonderful JAB textile brochure. And it didn’t go to the recycling bin. Even worse – I didn’t pick out only one image to work with but my whole January blog schedule and planned more. Bad me!

catalogue page with picture of a teddy bear and poem quote

Then, of course, I also I collected some other pieces which was planning to throw in the recycling bin…

Teddy Bear scrapbook project - paper scraps and catalogue photo of a teddy bear

The good news is that I kept my Capsule Craft promises and made these hearts myself from normal red paper. First cut them with Sizzix heart dies and my Sizzix Big shot machine which has working with me (not serving me) wonderfully for more than 6 years already. Then I blended the edges with my favourite blending tool, which you can also make yourself absolutely for free. And in the end made these white dots with a simple white acrylic marker. All the principles I developed and adopted for my Capsule craft collection you can find in this article. If you feel curious to learn more – here is the book.

capsule craft scrapbook supplies - make yourself what you need for your project

I found a crocheted flower, which was part of a winter tiara project, and some lace – both cotton and paper. The green leaves are I also made myself – stamping and cutting with a leaf die and then – blending and colouring a bit with the same white acrylic marker. Also – one resin crown element which was made for another project.

teddy bear scrapbook project - baby birthday greeting card

The edges from the frame are from other resin elements which sometimes I am making when I feel lazy. Do you have these moments? When you don’t feel sure of what exactly you want to do, but your fingers are itchy. Well, then, I make resin details.

teddy bear scrapbook project - resin elements for extra decoration

When everything was put together, the last step was to use some colour pencils and add some extra strokes on the photo of the Teddy Bear. I did it at this moment, because before finishing I was not sure which part will be visible, which will not.

adding pencil strokes in the scrapbook project

In the end – some glitter pencil strokes. What can I do, I am a crow as my husband often says with love. So, when my soul needs some glitter, the glitter comes.

teddy bear scrapbook project - little glimmering too

The whole project took me about two hours from the beginning to the end. And it was fun and done with love. I know exactly which beautiful baby will receive this greeting card with her present. And I can’t wait to cuddle her!

teddy bear scrapbook project

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