Washi decorated envelope pocket notebook

Do you agree that the envelopes always give us the feeling of a secret? Something unexpected? Something more than the usual? Something still hidden even in open envelopes? Maybe another message has been forgotten there and is waiting for us to open it? Ok, maybe these are only my fantasies, but they pushed me to create this envelope pocket notebook. If you like little pockets, see also my article Easy to make pocketed gift tags.

Washi decorated envelope pocket notebook with Washi tape

How can you use the Washi decorated envelope pocket notebook? For almost everything! For family documents, for tax documents, for love letters, for those smart little messages to yourself, which you can read when the day is sad or you need more inspiration… The usage depends on you. This is why I am not giving strict sizes for this notebook. Mine is A5 size, but you can make it smaller, or larger to suit to your own ideas.

You can also give it more or fewer pages and pockets. Still don’t know what the purpose could be? Just have fun and the purpose will become clear afterwards.

The main structure of the Washi decorated envelope pocket notebook

The main structure is fan-folded like an accordion. To create it easily without making a lot of measurements, you just need a few rectangular pieces of the same size.

white soft cardboard for making the accordion-like shape

Creasing 1-2 cm from the edge…

Creasing 1-2 cm from the edge will help you fold the paper pieces

will help you to easily fold the paper.

Making the accordion-like notebook shape - creased and folded paper pieces

Then you only need to glue the creased areas together, keeping the accordion shape. The last piece will also have a creased part. Just cut it off. This is a little trick which will save you from lots of measuring or making mistakes by gluing the wrong piece of paper.

Washi decorated foldable notebook

See, it is very easy! And now, because I call it Washi decorated envelope pocket notebook, you need to decorate the edges with your favourite Washi tape. I love beautiful Washi and am always looking for ways to keep some of the designs forever. Actually, by making something useful in projects like this it’s one way to preserve my beautiful Washi.

Washi decorated pocket envelope notebook

When the main structure is ready and also decorated, you have to make the envelopes. I chose a simple template for a coin envelope.

Make some colourful coin envelopes, matching the colours of your favourite Washi tape

Match the envelopes with the Washi tape

Of course, the paper was matched the colour scheme of my Washi tape selection. These are one of my favourite and I will tell you a secret: One of my most beautiful Washi finds with great quality are from Office Works – an office stationery store. My husband and I go there at least 2-3 times a month and he gives me these little presents. He definitely knows that, “Washies are a girl’s best friend”.

pocket envelopes matching the Washi tape colours

In my project there is one envelope on every side of the accordion shape, facing each other. But you can also make one big and one small, or four smaller ones. I suggest still not to glue them and to leave this for the moment when the covers are fixed to the notebook body.

Decide where to put the envelopes

The importance of the covers

Of course, after gluing the envelopes on you can just fold the accordion and hold it closed with a simple (or decorated) elastic. But to create a real notebook, I suggest making covers too. Covers are important. As a paper lover, you know how tempting it is to buy a notebook with pages you don’t like, but with beautiful covers. So, let’s make irresistible covers!

For them you need two pieces of the same paper you used for the “pages” and with the same size. Also, you’ll need beautiful and strong cotton thread and a button. I prefer flat buttons with holes, not with shanks. The shank will make wrapping easier, but can bend the pages and the covers.

for the covers you will need also thick cotton thread and a button

Before adding the thread and the button, we need to make the cover beautiful. For this I am using the same Washi selection – covering and folding over onto the back side.

Washi decorated pocket envelope notebook - making the covers

This is how one of the covers will look. Using Washi tape is a great craft opportunity to create absolutely stunning colour combinations from opposing style selections.

Washi decorated pocket envelope notebook

Last steps

Now make a hole in the cover located as shown and push the cotton thread through.

Washi decorated pocket envelope notebook

Make a flat knot on the back side and glue the knot very well a small distance from the hole.

When making the cover...

Then, using a bright thread sew the button on the other edge of the cover, in a line with the first thread.

Using a bright colour thin cotton thread sew the button

And glue the cover very thoroughly. Do not skimp on glue in this phase!

Do not skimp on glue when fixing the cover

And when both covers are well fixed, glue in the envelopes.

Last glue the envelopes

See, your Washi decorated envelope pocket notebook is ready! Such a long name for something so easy to create!

Washi decorated pocket envelope notebook

You can use all your different Washi tapes to create different designs. Stored together on your desk they will look amazing!

How to make Washi decorated pocket envelope notebook

Enjoy your craft time! ♥

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