Quarantine Capsule craft ideas

Quarantine capsule craft ideas

It’s Quarantine capsule craft time! My husband and I are still stuck in our European home with no idea when we will travel again and when we will see the rest of our family… But as my Grandmother liked to say: “Often with the bad things something good comes too” or “When a door is closing, a window is opening”. So, not travelling a lot is giving me the opportunity to go back to our apartment balcony garden and grow not only flowers, but also to experiment with some spices and salad. It is fun, believe me, to see your spring onions sprouts peeking down into the streets and boulevards. And I also have more time to create new greeting card designs, which is an activity I absolutely love!

how to save money on craft materials in quarantine times

The good thing with the post service is its special status which make them work even in war situations. These days we often complain about the slow post service, but actually these people are still keeping us connected. And we have the wonderful chance to send someone our love – in a “physical” way. I believe that the best way to show love is through the time spent creating something for your loved one.

So, I am sharing with you some easy ideas on how to make beautiful greeting cards even if you don’t have all the “necessary” materials at home.

Quarantine time Lesson One – you don’t need a lot

I love these videos showing amazing different machines to make craft things. But somehow, they are destroying the “handmade” concept. I was talking about this with a friend of mine yesterday: Now everyone has a cutting machine, everyone has a punching machine, everyone has a plotter or stamp making machine. Where is the “handmade” element here? When was the last time, she asked, when someone cut something by hand or coloured it by hand? She was right. But now, when it’s bit more difficult to buy every craft supply we may want, we can experiment a lot! Following the Capsule craft idea we can create wonderful paper projects – some of them from scratch!

If you are curious to learn more and to change your entire craft habits, here is the book in Amazon:

I will give you some examples.

Capsule craft ideas – it is a 4 in 1 opportunity

Find online a designer you like and buy a design. This will start a great process of sharing by helping another crafter. On one hand you will support someone’s business in these difficult times. Maybe you can even start working together and making joint projects. On the other hand, you will spend less money if you buy a downloadable product instead of a completed physical one and will have the designs to use again forever! Also, since they are stored in your computer, the physical objects will not clutter up your craft space!

how to save money on craft materials and to support our craft business

Print the chosen designs and cut them out by hand. I realised I love hand cutting – especially flower elements. It is so zen! Such a meditation! My hand is following the lines of the object and my brain is clear and relaxed… Also – and very important – this is helping our fine motor skills and improves our brain’s abilities.

Here you will find the designs I used to make these greeting cards in Etsy: the Poppy design I, the Poppy design II and the Lavender design.

if you are looking for meditation ideas which will not steal time from your craft tasks, try with hand cutting elements

Of course, using your cutting machine is not forbidden! Just use your fingers more often. Do not use already cut elements, cut them yourself!

Quarantine capsule craft ideas

You can also make your own elements if you need something extra to embellish your idea. In this article about Watercolour embellishments I am showing you a very easy way to create wonderful messages for your paper craft projects.

Quarantine capsule craft ideas

My favourite capsule craft tricks!

Do you know, I do not buy self-adhesive tabs to make the 3D effect in my greeting cards. All I use it the back of the drawing sketchbooks. When the sketchbook is finished, I keep the hard carboard back in a special bag. Every time I need a create a new level on a card, I cut a piece with the size and shape I need.

how to save money of craft supplies

And it works great for me. I can feel comfortable while elevating more elements, saving money and recycling wonderful material!

instead of buying self adhesive scrapbook blocks for elevating elements...

And because the cardboard is flat and steady, I can elevate elements to as many levels I want. I can create a whole layer-cake card!

Quarantine capsule craft ideas

Hm… that’s an idea! But before that I wish you to health and happiness and to look for more “home-based” opportunities to upgrade your craft skills and habits. And also, to save money!

all the cards in the article are made following the Capsule craft ideas

Big hugs! Stay safe! ♥

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If you like paper flowers, why not to see this article about How to make Iceland poppies… More detailed instructions – in my Etsy shop:

20 pages step by step Iceland poppy tutorial

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