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How to save money on craft materials before Christmas

Christmas is the time, when everyone opens their pockets and starts spending and spending, as if their life depends on it. But is this really necessary? Can we be a bit more mindful and save money instead of spreading red ink around? I know, everything is shiny, interesting, looks new… Can we save money on craft materials before Christmas instead of stockpiling things which we will probably never use?

How to save money on craft materials

Why I am writing about saving money on craft materials now

Of course, because my supply addiction has attacked me again. If you are reading my blog, you know I am an ex craft-hoarder. An ex-drug addict, with the small difference that my drugs were instruments and scrapbook elements. In the book, “Healing of the craft hoarder”, I wrote about this sad experience and how I changed my life. But you know, these battles are never finished, so we have to be strong every single day.

Also, it is good to think about the big things like the world around us, things like our planet. Overproducing, overconsuming and overcluttering are huge problems for the environment. So, if green ideas appeal you together with money saving ideas, use them!

Christmas greeting card

Make projects

Making projects and planning our craft activities is great! Especially if a business element is also involved. Projects and planning the amount of materials we need for our projects helps a lot in saving money. It also helps in being more creative and saving time too. Every time I am starting a greeting card or embellishment collection without adequate planning, it takes me a lot more time to make it and I am almost always 95% unhappy with the result.

a page of my Project book

So, my suggestion is: create for your craft an “idea-notebook” or a “project-notebook”. Sketch and write your ideas there. Visualise them with colours and glue in pieces of materials you are planning to use. Going back again and again to these “plans” will help you add more interesting elements or maybe reduce some, which are unnecessary and not “in touch” with the whole idea.  

And also it will save you money and time!

Use your imagination

Create your own embellishments. In the past, I have spent a huge amount of money on embellishments and maybe you’re like me and have done the same? Why not make our own? I am not saying to never buy already designed ones, but once you know your own style, you can create little elements which you’ll be happy to apply in your projects.

How to save money on craft materials before Christmas: now I am making my embellishments myself - Christmas "cookie" star from paper and glitter foam

For these you can use digital designer’s paper, pieces of other designer’s embellishments, but with something added by you, paper pieces, which were otherwise going to the rubbish bin. Use your imagination and allow yourself to be inspired by everything around you while create your own designs. For example, I made these Christmas paper embellishments, inspired by my own Christmas cookies, which it was not a good idea to glue on the cards. You can see how to make them, following this link bellow:

Also, if possible, create your own instruments. In this article about how to make an ANZAC poppy wreath for home decoration, I am showing my favourite ink blending instruments. They are made with simple cork tops and a kitchen wipe.

ink blending instruments, made with cork top and kitchen wipe

Look around the house and recycle

As I said many times, I am not buying self-adhesive foam pieces to create 3D effects. I am using all the hard back cardboard of my sketchbooks, and cut pieces of different thickness of cardboard boxes. Every day into our homes come many different types of packages, so it is real waste not use them.

you do not need special foam adhesive pieces to create 3D effect, just use cardboard pieces

Paper boxes are also a great supply source for vintage style elements.

How to save money on craft materials before Christmas - with their natural brown colours paper boxes are a source for wonderful "vintage" elements

Buy by list

At the end, but not last, after creating your project and searching your home for substitute materials, and there are still things you need to buy, make a list. Then go and buy, but only the materials from the list! And be very careful if buying online to check the delivery time. If the delivery time is too long and it is also after November 15, it is very likely that your order will be delayed. In this case you will probably buy something else, more expensive and then the order will come – Sod’s Law. And the clutter in your craft space will start piling up more and more. So, when making the list, think also about the period of time you have. Sometimes lower prices are not the only consideration when deciding to save money.

Christmas greeting card with berry muffin. Paper:

See, it is not difficult. Actually, it’s fun! A game. Because Christmas is not about buying stuff. Christmas is about being mindful.

Enjoy your craft and be healthy! ♥

Big “THANK YOU!” to LDPrintables Etsy shop, which designs I used for these greeting cards! ♥

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